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I find it necessary to inform you as to what happened in your new store (#3112) on 4096 North Foster Rd San Antonio, Tx 78244.

My name is Rebecca Naranjo, I'm very disturbed about my experience at your MoneyGram department. On Saturday July 6, 2012, I went to send a large sum of money to Ebay Financial Center for a car I saw online. It turned out to be a SCAM. I found out the next day, by the real EBay company, that all of your employees are trained in these kinds of scams and they shouldn't have allowed me to send them the money.

The person who did the transaction was one of your managers, Ms. Kelly Martinez. I did tell her I was sending it to ebay for a car but I was told to send it to a Mr. Scott Henson. She did not inform me that she could not do this transaction, as her training should have prompted her to do.

On July 7th I spoke to another one of your managers, Mr. Mario Barragan. He stated that ALL PERSONS ARE TRAINED TO KNOW SCAMS (VIA EBAY) AND TO ADVISE THE CUSTOMER NOT TO MAKE SUCH LIKE TRANSACTIONS. Ms. Martinez was only interested in me having my ID because of such a large amount being sent. She never once asked me about the company. I feel someone should take responsibility for working at the MoneyGram department. I have filed a police report and will follow up with them in a week. (Case #2013-Bcso-028174) See attached information.

I have lost $1,936 Plus $119 (fee) for a total of $ 2,055

I hope you take this situation very serious, as I feel your employee (a manager)didn't do her job. I do realize many get taken, but as your employees are trained to inform innocent persons of these transactions because these scams often use your services for such electronic transactions. I'm not an computer savvy person so I would have appreciate your employee to have done her job. I feel had Ms Martinez said something, I wouldn't have sent the money. See attached receipt from this transaction.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you on this matter very soon.

Ms. Rebecca Naranjo

818-270-0705 cell

210-310-7736 home

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Ms. Naranjo, I actually feel more sorry for the manager in this case.

:( YOU ARE OUT OF LINE publicly accusing her of misconduct and attacking her character/reputation online. If I was the manager, I would get an attorney and sue you civily for defamation A$AP. :eek :eek Get ready to settle, or get out your checkbook Ms. Naranjo...

the damage has already been done. Think before you post (or send money to eBay) next time sweetie.


1) Enought is spelled enough.

2) Congrats that you were smart ENOUGH to post your email & phone number on a public site.

3) All ads on eBay clearly state to not send money.

4) You are still an *** without a piece of *** car.

5) The looser that received your money is also calling you an ***.





These comments are so funny.

First, LadyScot, seriously? You don't think we can figure out your postings? HaHaHa

and Secondly, to quote, "5) The looser"?

Hey genius, don't make fun of someone's spelling and then post something as s,t,u,p,i,d as "looser".





They are Walmart employees. Period.

No one held you against your will and made you transfer the money. You're a tool for falling for that and an even bigger tool for posting your info on this site.

Why don't you buy the lube because someone is probably going to nail you from behind. ***.


This is very disturbing considering the way the customer service department treats returns the scrutinize every detail so for them to be specifically trained and not follow procedure set out by Walmart. My heart goes out to you and though most would never buy a car without being able to inspect it and drive it much less send cash directly to the seller rather than through ebay, I believe they even state to never send money directly to the seller.

It is likely you will never recover the money or get the car. But you have learned a life lesson the hard way.


Just because someone gives you the tools to be an ***, doesn't mean you should use them. No one should have to be told not to send a huge amount of money to someone they don't know for a service they can't confirm.


You are not seriously blaming the employee for your stupidity?! You feel *** for being taken by a scam artist and you want to put the blame elsewhere so you won't look like a fool.

Get over it! You filed the police report but you expect Walmart to reimburse you for the money you lost right??? Isn't that what this is really all about. You are the one who sent money to a complete stranger for a car that you only saw a picture of.

Why would you pay for car without having seen it in person yet???

You are the only one at fault here. Lesson learned.


Did it ever occur to you that this scam was so new that the employees hadn't been notified of it? Furthermore why would anybody buy a car through ebay? When it comes to something like that I would never buy it sight unseen.