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My complaint is for the Bardstown Ky walmart store, I am a 80 year old Copd patient that accompanies my wife to the store I sit while she shops, as do many other husbands with various conditions, Our concern is that this store has removed the benches in the lobby to one. When we approached the service desk we we told to get a cart and shop!

Some are either older than I or in a worse shape than myself and were very upset at this answer. For many of us this is our chance to get out among others,this is very rude to all shoppers! All we want is more seats and concern for the disabled , we get all our meds and groceries there and need the store but we also need more benches thruout the store and mostly in the lobby . Consider the older and disabled please!

Arnold zontini. Fairfield ky.

At. Junezontini@g

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Bench Facility.

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The people who own Wallmart are amongst the richest people in America. Perhaps their staggering wealth has gone to their heads.

We working-class peasants don't count. The Wallmart owners do not care a fig about customer comfort, the disabled, elderly, or hygienic safety of their merchandise.


"our chance to get out among others"

This is a for profit store, not a social club. They're under not obligation to help you visit among yourselves increasing their liability and raising prices for the rest of of.

Go to the Waffle House, buy a cup a coffee, nurse it and visit there.