Garden Grove, California

My last visit to Walmart was a nightmare and the problem was rude and inconsiderate people. Other shoppers would intentionally ram their carts into my leg, foot, and the worst, my butt without saying excuse me and or sorry.

Worst, parents allow their children to run wild in the store, almost knocking me and or my relative to the ground and they run in front of moving shopping carts. It is unacceptable and just plain rude. The store is way too overcrowded on weekends and needs more crowd control or security to make sure people are not ramming carts into others and parents are watching their children.

In addition, security needs to keep an eye out for perverts-(once two teenage boys were making catcalls at the female shoppers, making me uncomfortable and I walked away from them.) We all need to be aware of our surroundings.

I have nothing against Walmart. I like the variety of different items, but I do NOT like rude people and especially perverts trying to check me out and when things get out of control with no end, more security is definitely needed.

  • need security
  • be aware of surroundings
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I wanted to update this complaint after my recent visit, it was a lot better than last time. It was less crowded for most of the time and started to get busy as me and my friend left. The change in time really made a difference, even though there's still rude shoppers, but not as bad as the last time.


Well she would not get bullied if she stood up for herself. I agree with Kevin, someone hits you hit them back.


I am sick upon reading a few attacking comments from a few posters. This poor person who complained has a right to shop wherever he or she wants to go without having his or her personal safety threatened.

I shop there sometimes at different times of the day and I have seen rude people who refuse to accept personal responsibility for their actions.

Let's try to make this experience for this person and other commenters on this site a positive experience rather than BULLYING.

I too like to shop at Walmart, but I do not like rude and inconsiderate people running my experience. :(


Love shopping on Black Friday, and Boxing day(Canada. Last Black Friday when my family went to the states I got like 50 street pass hits on my 3ds, not just Walmart but Sears, Target. Same with Boxing day strolling in malls.


If a child accidentally bumps into you because they are running around perhaps you need to "accidentally" knock them over with the cart. Also why go on weekends if it is overcrowded.

As for teenaged boys making catcalls at you, you wish. Here is an idea if the catcall story is true, make them aware of the boys, report it. They can't be everywhere at once. Also if they were hiring more security than they would have to make their prices go up and you would have to pay for that.

Than people would complain about the higher prices so it is a no win situation for them. *** if you do, *** if you don't kind of deal.

Yeah and it is the parents who have to watch their children. Why don't you just go up to the parent and say little Charlie here bumped into me, if he does it again he will have an appointment with your fist.


Wal-Mart is not crowded. It's just that Wal-Mart shoppers are so W I D E.

Solution: stop shopping at that store.



The issue is that WALMART doesn't put any money into safty. They cut, cut,cut try getting help.

Also the check the price are either completely gone even though the sign remains or the check your price doesn't work all this causes more time at checkout because half the time the prices are unknown!!

Walmart needs to invest in its Employees and customers.


It takes 2 seconds for a cashier to check the price on an time for you. STOP EXAGGERATING! Unless a customer has removed the UPC code which conveniently happens A LOT!!!!!!!y


Sorry I forgot this is the ATTACK CUSTOMER SITE. gotcha!!

never the big guys making millions no billions it the CUSTOMER who is always in the wrong taking the upc OFF!! j off


They can't limit the number of people that go into the store at a certain time. Out of control kids annoy me too, but imagine if it was you kid and an employee told you to get better control of the kid.

I ride those electric carts and it would be real easy to run into a kid that are so little they should be riding in the shopping cart instead of running free. As for people intentionally running into people with shopping carts, I really don't think they do it intentionally. No matter how much security they had in the store, the whole area can't be covered. Have you ever been there on Black Friday?

The store is so crowded you can barely move. The way I avoid crowds is I do my shopping between seven and eight in the morning.

They are still busy, but at least you can move around.


Well, there is NO excuse for perverts and rude people, regardless. Did you ever think about a place ever reaching full capacity in which the fire marshal would have to be called at some point?

What if there was a fire and or emergency and everyone had to crawl on top of everyone to evacuate?

When I was a kid, if my parents caught me ever wandering around the store and causing trouble to other people, I would be in SO much trouble. Parents have a responsibility to make sure their kids are well behaved and not giving anyone else a hard time. It's for the safety of everyone, including the children.

And to the answer of Black Friday-I would never go to Wal Mart on that day. :roll


I 100% agree that people ( not all) but most need to teach their children some manners these days! I do not get what is wrong with today's society that they think this is ok!


But miss, don't forget that parents do have a responsibility to keep an eye on their children because what if there's a *** in the store looking for trouble, what if they break something in the store, get run over by a cart because they walked in front of it, wind up with the wrong parents? Those things you do need to consider.

It is called teaching responsibility and respect for other people. In addition, we all need to pay attention to our surroundings and leave an area if someone is looking for trouble and/or report the problem.

As for overcrowding, I agree with Anonymoud about the crowd situation and the fire marshal. Safety at ALL hours should be considered.

Therefore, I disagree with your comment.

Try to think about safety rather than making excuses for misbehaving customers. Personal responsibility is important and making excuses is not important.


Good parents take a store employees complaints about their children running wild seriously and discipline their kids. Most children of good parents don't run wild anyway because they know they will get into trouble. The problem is we have too many bad, neglectful parents today who let their kids do whatever they want to without consequences.


I agree with you 100 percent on parenting. It is a shame that some parents do not hold their children responsible for their behavior.

In my day, if I ran wild as a kid in a store, I would be in trouble and have my privileges taken away.

I got the message rather quickly to avoid losing my privileges.