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I have never felt so mistreated in my life! I'm a regular customer, have two small children and spend soooo much money at Walmart.

These cashiers and front end"manager" were excited and glad that they turned me away! I asked for a Store manager and I got a front end manager. She walks up with a group of cashiers (3) by her side. One you don't bring cashiers with you.

To listen in on a customer complaint. Then those cashiers were questioning me and telling me that I was wrong!! I walked out feeling so bad and. embarresed!

It was obvious these employees Care nothing about customer service or respect for the individual! If it was not for us customers you wouldn't have a job!

I have many friends and a social network that I can spread the word to!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Sounds like you had a typical Walmart experience. You are better off at Target. They have a higher class of employees overall and nicer stores.


If you read her update you would see that she tried to return after the 90 day policy and argued with them about how they should change the rules for her. Her son asked her to use the washroom, she ignored him, he had an accident and she smacked him around and blamed the employees, the other cashiers were asked to report this incident to the police because the CSM did not think this was acceptable discipline, especially since she refused to take him to the washroom because she was not done arguing.

I think Target will do the same if she had a year old receipt.

She blamed her outrage on them. They apparently called the police who sided with the cashiers after viewing tapes.


most employee's are so disrespectful. Thwy make me not want to shop there anymore and that used to be my favorite store before the incident I got into with a employee. She basically called me a Theif and a liar when I made a mistake and left a bag there


Are you the OP aka the same pedophi1e trying to groom 13 year old firstborntriplet online?


You tore up your "mother" card when you slugged your kid while mad at someone else. Hopefully, the kids are better off with their dad; if not, send them to the grandparents or to me. I promise to love and respect them, unlike you.


I always laugh when people say they spend soooo much money at Walmart. If you were really as loyal of a customer as you say you are, you would make yourself familiar with the rules.

I support spanking for disobedient children but you went about it the wrong way.

You were too busy arguing with someone over store policy to pay attention to your children. You also smacked your child because you were angry at someone else.


She did not spank her child she slapped him across the face. Keep in mind she did it because she was angry at someone else.

This was not a case of you misbehaved so I am going to spank you to correct you this is a case of I am already angry, or I had a hard day, so I am going to take my anger out on you because you are smaller and more convenient.

There is a difference between spanking and slapping. I agree she went along it the wrong way.

First Born Triplet

I like how people think that just because they tell their friends all of them will stop going to a particular store, it is even more funny when they expect total strangers on social network site to also not go to the store because they had a bad experience. I also ask how was the cashier rude to you.

@First Born Triplet

I wanted to make a return, but it was past the 90 day return policy, however I had lost my receipt and would have made the return earlier on. I bought the item I wanted to return in August 2013, and as I was cleaning my house I found the receipt.

I explained to them that I wanted to make a return and that I just found the receipt, she kept arguing with me. I was so angry at this time. My four year old had to use the washroom and he wet his pants, I was so angry at him that I slapped him across the face. Well I was not angry at him, I was angry at the front end manager.

Then the front end manager told me that is not how you discipline a child. I was telling her to mind her own business. Then she got three cashiers to come with her. I later found out that she asked those three cashiers to follow me out of the store and report me to the police after getting my license plate number for slapping my son, which never would have happened had she accepted my return.

I understand they have rules but they should make exception. I lost the receipt and found it later, sometimes things like that happened. I learned that she used those three cashiers to be witnesses and claim I abused my son. My older seven year old daughter was crying the whole time.

She kept telling me that this was the wrong way to discipline my children. I told her these were my children and I can discipline them however I want, and she proceeded to tell me that if I were not busy arguing with her I could have taken my son to the washroom since he asked four times. I told her the reason I slapped my son for wetting his pants because I was still angry at her. The cashiers also said that I was wrong and kept questioning me, asking me if I discipline my children like this all the time.

When I said I did, they threatened to call security on me. I left the store they followed me out and called the police on me after getting down my license plate number. They came to my house and questioned my children and then called CPS who took my children away from me. This happened on Friday btw.

I know that not all my friends are going to boycott the store, I know you will probably still go to Walmart, but at least sharing my story will show how they do not respect the customer and how she disciplines her child. Don`t get me wrong. Now I am being told I need to take anger management and parenting classes to get my children back. I guess I wrote this just to vent.

I know people will not boycott this company or the whole store based on my bad experience. But sometimes you just need to vent. I cried today because I could not tuck in my children at night since they are in foster care. I am not a bad person.

I don`t like hurting my children and perhaps it is not their fault, but I just need to vent and get things off my chest. Thanks for replying. If you have any advice on parenting or getting control over my temper please email me at janemitchel88 at hotmail dot com thanks. Do you have a girlfriend, are you married.

Maybe we can hang out on facebook or chat online. I like the Simpsons as well. Been watching it since I was 8. I am 26 now please email me.

Thanks. We have the same interests as you can see.

My children`s father is probably going to get my children because of this report and he will probably limit my visits, that is why I am mad at Walmart. Perhaps we can have children together if we ever meet up which is up to you.


You are a troll. Get a life please.

@First Born Triplet

I think the worst part of this situation is my ex is filing for custody of my children. He was young when we had our children and we got divorced after my son was born.

I guess I blamed my son for this which makes me angry. He just could not handle two children, we got divorced and he did not make an attempt to see our children. But in the last six months he went to court to see my children to take them out for dinner. However now he is trying to get custody of my children, (after abandoning them for four years).

He is starting to want to be part of their lives. I never wanted this, but the courts said that he has every right to see them. He then tried to get weekend visits. Now he is trying to get full custody of my children and with the help of CPS he probably will succeed.

He is a loser, still lives with mom and dad and they will help him take care of our children because he is a loser that cannot take care of them himself. Anyways like I said posting this on social networks will not make the store lose business, however it feels great to vent. I miss my children and he may get sole custody of them. I am hoping if I find another man that I will get my children back if they are in a stable environment, and since we have the same interests email me.

I gave my address in the last post. I don`t know whether this will work or not but we can always try, where do you live. I live in Baltimore, Maryland.

If you are ever in town maybe we can go for coffee or something. I think we will get along great, we have the same interests.


Firstborntriplet is 13 years old you freaking pedophi1e.