Cincinnati, Ohio
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I went to the store to return an item that I purchased online (within the 15 day window). It was still sealed and un-activated. However the store stated they couldn't accept it.

Per policy, I have 15 days since receiving the item, to return it. I am still within that window yet they cannot accept the return. They told me to contact I tried, but there are very limited options. I sent an email to the online customer service, but have been waiting for a response. Why are there no phone numbers?

Talk about poor customer service, incompetent individuals and bad business practices. I normally stay away from this store. However I decided to give them another change. BIG mistake.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $316.

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Next time you shop there you should take your receipt from the stuff you just paid for and hand it to a customer who is walking in. Tell that person to go get some of the products on that receipt and take them to the customer service desk and ask for a refund. Works all the time!


Why should I do that you ***, I don't benefit from this, so what is the point of this, and what is the point of a retarded response to my review.

First Born Triplet

Yeah and if you get caught don't come crying on here saying you were unfairly arrested because this is considered fraud, and both you and the person you handed the receipt to can get charged. If they follow through with the return. I know because they arrested this boy who found a receipt and then later picked up all the things in the receipt and asked for refunds, he kept doing this until he eventually got caught.


*** thief!