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I bought some guinea pig food from Wal-mart. A few days later, I noticed a few moths in my room.

This problem escalated to the point where i would vacuum up 10 moths, and an hour later, there would be 10 or so more moths. I opened up my bag of food, and it was crawling with dozens of moths and their larvae! My friends bought some of this food for their hamster and the same thing happened!

My guinea pig fell ill, and a few days later, died. I believe she consumed moth larvae and that's what killed her.

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It is not WalMart's fault, the larvae came with the pet food direct at the processing plant---probably Chine. You do know that alot of pet food is now under scrutiny by the FDA because of it's effects on pets thru chemicals, but more so because of bacteria, insect larvae, etc.

in it. I am referring to the stuff made in China, of which WalMart and others are big buyers of. You get what you pay for and buying pet food from WalMart might be something you and other pet owners should re-consider.

Try checking the place of origin on the package, tho it may not be on the package for obvious reasons---people would be wary of food---pet or otherwise---coming from China. But, that's the way it is.


I understand, but i talked to an expert about it and they said moths get in when the bag gets *** in it. Because of careless workers who just dump the packages on the shelf. And he also confirmed this as my guinea pig's cause of death, as well as my friend's hamster's death.