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I have made several purchases from walmart in the dry food area... the latest was a box of brownie mix.

This purchase was made in December '09 the box was filled with moths in various stages. This is not the first time that this has happened and I am sure it will not be the last but by my count this the the third time that it is happened to me. I am tired of cleaning out my pantry because of this. Who will compensate me for my loss of dry products?

Walmart calls themselves a community store that helps the community... selling bad products does not help anyone!

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I bought bird seed from Walmart and found out it had moths. It has infested my house with these things and Walmart says that birdseed is no longer carried by them and they don't keep records back that far (5 months ago)?

So they have no way of helping me???

I find that I possible to believe because 2 weeks after I bought that birdseed Walmart had gotten rid of all their birdseed due to a moth infestation!!! I am furious!!


While my family has many issues with Walmart, I must say it seems like the problem is with your pantry, not Walmart.


I to am dealing with this issue from Walmart. Not one.

Not two but three bags of dog food were infested... iv had to throw out hundreds of dollars of food because of this... Walmart keeps giving me the run around, the latest tellin me to bring the product to the store to customer service... the only moment I wish I didn't throw the gross infestation away is now ...

so I can bring such a gross thing in and infect their store like they did me..

but that would only hurt other unsuspecting customers.. Walmart needs to pay for this


Got a oil change at the walmart in monticello arkansas, and they stripped the screw, which caused the engine to blow due to the fact that the oil couldnt be changed after that


I just had a moth plague in my apartment and couldn't figure out where in the world they were coming from... well...

I like to feed the squirrels outside my door and I buy bird seeds, nuts, dried corn cobs - lo and behold... my friend came over and said she had the same moths in her apartment and they came from a bag of dog food she bought at walmart. so she tears through my pantry and we pulled out the bird seeds and the corn and there were tons of moths flying around in the bags of corn that were bought at walmart. of course we ran around screaming and then threw the bags outside.

horrifying. the next day I threw all the dried corn cobs around the preserve for the racoons, squirrels and critters to eat. the moths apparently either died out in the cold the night before or flew off. gross.

I figure racoons eat all kinds of bugs so they won't care. gross.

I will never buy dried human food at walmart. gross.


Of course you will have the same problem in the future OP if you are foolish enough to keep buying dry food products when you have not had a moth problem once but a few times.


i have been dealing with this same problem ... i even have a box of dried food that i purchased from walmart that came with what appears to be moth eggs attatched to the inside of the box...

not having much luck getting rid of the moths...

next step is to alert walmart and see if they offer any relief... i do believe that this is more widespread than what is known presently and it will become more evident as time passes and more folks begin to realize where this problem originated


Some stores do have a moth problem But you don't have to. Use dried bay leaves in your pantry.

It also takes care of mealy bugs. They flee from them!