Gallup, New Mexico
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I use the Walmart store in Gallup Nm. It is always busy and may be among the top money makers in the country.

the problem for us is too few motorized carts, considering the large elderly and disabled population in this area. I have shopped Walmart for one side of the country to the other. in all the other Walmart stores I have hound plenty of motorized carts.

I also find plenty of motorized carts at LOWES, ALBERTSONS, SAFEWAY and HOME DEPOT.

If loss through thievery is the problem then have people "check out" the carts out and check them back in through Security. Thank You, Jessie Tillman Orphey-Winn

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Selection.

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Regarding Lowes, Albertson, Safeway, Home Depot and Walmart...

Your are comparing apples to oranges regarding the volume of business.


The stores you mention in your complaint, that you have no trouble getting motorized carts at, do not attract the volume of business that Walmart does. Walmart will never be able to have enough MCs to meet the demand. They literally would not have enough room to store them.


While you think this is a good idea, that would mean hiring another Security person to do this. Financially this may not be feasible for Walmart.

Just because one particular location seems busy enough to you does not mean that it is financially feasible for Walmart to do this.

Also, motorized cars are a courtesy, not an ADA mandate.

The ADA does not require that any business provide motorized carts.

A business chooses to do this.

But no business is required to do this according to the ADA.


True! Thank you. :)