I purchased the Grumpy Cat movie and Polar Express movie on the same day. The Grumpy Cat movie was the worst movie my family has ever seen and the Polar Express movie kept freezing up.

The next day went to return Grump and polar to get a decent $5 xmas movie and another polar express. Why on Gods earth would I want to take home another grumpy movie and that's what Walmart gave me for only exchange option??? I left the store with grumpy again and another polar movie. The second polar moving freezing up.

I went back to Walmart for the third time, not only wasting gas and time and also out $5 on a terrible movie grumpy. I get the same thing about copy right laws and had to get another polar movie and the customer service said no, I can't talk to a manager and also opened the movie like she didn't trust me. The movie flat out didn't work by freezing up all the time and I am sure not a thief! I just feel Walmart needs to trust your customers and opinions and especially since you have the nerve to continually ask customers online to promote products by giving input about what they buy and also by receipt surveys all the time for people to supposedly win stuff.

Now I have the polar movie for the 3rd time and so pissed off about it because if it's the same, no refund and also was the last one on the shelf. I think Walmart needs to put customers first and a return is a return regardless to what it is, then let us make a return or give us our money back. I am going to be really pissed if this polar express movie is freezing up again like the other 2 movies!!!

Why should anyone person have to make 2,3, or maybe even 4 for me just to get satisfied with something or get a refund. This is BS and ridiculous!!!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $16.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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It was a common scam for someone to buy a DVD, go home, copy it and then return it. That's why they don't refund DVD's that are opened.


Wow. I always say to myself, "This pathetic person is at the top of the pile of pathetic dolts!

It can't possibly get worse!" And then a sub-human like you comes along. I'm starting to think the U.S. has a factory to produce such awful human beings.

It's got to be the only explanation. Do People like you actually exist?


I am not the awful person here. It's the people who think it's funny to copy of movie off, scratch them up and return them and Walmart tosses them in a cheap for sale bin. I have every right to complain, since I had to make 4 trips just to get a movie that finally worked!