Parkersburg, West Virginia

My then 13 year old son saved up and purchase his first Ipod with the case screen kit,protective cover, chargers and service plan he spent over $320.00 Three days before the so called Walmart warranty ran out he told me the ipod did not want to hook up to the charger correctly. When we looked closely the pins in the charging port were bent.

Now all he had ever done was us the charger he purchased with this unit. When we sent it to Warranty Logistics they returned it in about 2 weeks declining to fix it saying it was damaged to impact damage. My question is how do you connect the charger without impacting the two ends together. Are we expected to closly inspect these pins each time before the charger is pushed into place?

Why would this not be considered wear and tear? or mechanical and electrical failure which they state they do cover in the brochure? I am very upset with this situation this boy has been very careful with his Ipod it goes everywhere with him.

They referred us to Apple and the most they can offer is discount to buy another unit at $99.00 which is still alot of money for a teen without a job! Walmart's warranty is a rip off!

Monetary Loss: $320.

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Apple is the manufacturer, so of course you deal with them. Walmart sells, not rents.


Yeah this is not normal wear and tear, it's physical abuse which is never covered by any warranty.


A bent pin is not from normal wear and tear. It's from physical abuse.

I've had my ipod for 5 years and I connect and reconnect it about 3 times a week and I've never had a bent pin.