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On may the 9th my grandson ,with his wife and 3 kids went to walmart in clio,mich to shop.It was his wifes 36 th birthday.

He bought a 6 pack of beer, at the check out the girl ask for his I.D. he showed it, then she asked to see his wifes. She didn't have hers with her, so the girl wouldn't sell it to them. He got upset and left his cart full of things, and walked out.

What was that all about? I thought if he showed his was all that was required. We never heard such a thing.

He left to go out of town today and I'm stewing over this.Thats why I'm asking about this.thank you.


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I work at this particular Walmart and it's company policy to have everyone in a party that's purchasing alcohol who appears to be under 40 to show ID.If not it could cost the store in fines and that cashier could be fired and possibly fined as well (unless it's children.

I don't believe they have to show ID) also, by leaving the cart of items, anything cold has to be claims out and tossed (also Walmart policy).We don't know how long those cold items have been out of their respective coolers, so for food safety reasons they have to be tossed.


Miss thing,I happen to know for a fact that Walmart requires all parties in a transaction to show id,how do I know you may ask,because a good friend of min is a manager for them and if they don't check if they could loose their job and be personally fined and held liable by the TABC

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That is the policy. Look up Michigan Liquor Control Commission.


It is the cashiers fault if they do not make sure that perishables are not put back in the department before they go bad. If the cashier were capable of doing their job that would not be a problem.


Just throwing it out there when buggies full of stuff gets left behind that jack prices up to cover the cost of stuff that went bad,So you may be laughing now but wait until the prices go up.. but it is up to the cashiers to see who they card you must have gotten a bad cashier though.


How pathetic is that ladyscot is incapable of posting a comment without the use of foul language, it speaks volumes of her character or lack there of. I'm beginning to believe the commenter that says she is the victim of *** :eek .


I called spoke to a manager at walmart and was told that is left up to the cashiers discretion.I think it is great that your grandson left his cart of stuff.

The next time I'm in walmart I'm going to put my beer on the counter after everything else has been rang up and sacked and then when they try and ask for everybody that is with for their id I will walk out...LAUGHING!

Ladyscot why do you care that she was mad, you are a typical sad sack of manure!:grin


LadyScot this is probably a concept you are unable to grasp but Grandmothers' wonder no more that is why Grandma is MAD, because we are tired of cashiers are on a power trip!That is why there should be a specific policy in place rather than just leaving it up to young "girl" 's.

Nothing wrong with Grandma getting mad and stewing over why that "girl" would need an id for both adults. They did the right thing by leaving their cart full of things and walked out.

Mrs.Herrick we have never heard of this either, It's good to know since my poor old husband doesn't carry his wallet and drivers license on him when he drives he places in the cubby in the car because of back pain.


Poor ignorant inbred LadyScot no wonder she uses nikkisixx as her avatar she's obviously a heroin addict too! Michigan does NOT require everybody in your family to show ID nor do they refuse to sell beer to you if you have children. And the load about if they touched it, they wouldn't know if a child put it in the basket and an adult placed it on the counter, or if an employee placed it in the basket for the customer or placed it on the counter for the customer which has happened to me, the cashier who was 19 helped me get my stuff out of my basket and she scanned it and she placed It back in the basket along with my other purchases so inbred LadyScot your explanation is a load once again you are trying to justify a walmart cashier's ignorance.

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If the wife touched the beer in any way then yes she is required to show ID.Some states require all parties to show, some only the purchaser.

Some will not sell if you have kids with you.I wonder though why YOU are mad when it happened to someone else?

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