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Just a thought = anyone wonder why MrsLea/MrsC/Expecting1/QueenLea/PrincessLea/etc's name displays "Brandon" when you are reading recent complaints while browsing another complaint? See the picture above to see what I mean then scroll down to the bottom of this post to see what I mean.'

1 0 0 W o r d M i n i m u m F i l l e r R e q u i r e m e n t T e x t C a n B e F o u n d O n T h i s L i n e.

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Why should they have to pay for the hospital bills of someone who is clumsy and tried to get the bike down themselves instead of asking for help.


I had a bike fll on my head i lost a week of work and had to buy a band aide before i drive myself to hospital. 3 times tat week and 6 stitchs they would even pay my hospital bills..


You were dreaming, BigBruce. Check it out again.


MrsLea/MrsC/Brandon is a fraud. Why else would a "pregnant" "married" "female" use the name "Brandon" in the "Your Name" section of the user profile. Again, check the pictures above for proof.

I have a feeling that MrsLea/MrsC/Brandon was the home office janitor who get fired for stealing pens.


You were dreaming, BigBruce.


well I already know that MsLea is fake, has no husband and isn't pregnant. if she's been a guy all along, then I wouldn't be surprised.


Say what??

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