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Your gas has gotten too high and it hurts my truck. It always seems to be crowded where you are and I often have to wait in line to get to the pumps.

I know gas prices are highs all over but good grief. I often cant find the snacks I like there anymore. I used to get Starburst and a Dr Pepper from you guys but you have the bad starburst now. I like the orginial fruit starburst.

Can't stand the tropical stuff. I am afraid I am going to have to get my gas otherwhere for now on.

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So....go to a different gas station? Hurts your truck hahaha


okay then go somewhere else..? as for you MrsLea01, you really are obsessed with spreading your filth all over this site.

now you have this anonymous online predator from Ocean Springs, Mississippi on your side. I'm going to assume he's your janitor husband for Kmart?



That's great advice since it has worked SO well with you!! ("you arrogant, ann...")

Never mind. You know how it goes.


Maybe if you stop using your husband to bully people at Walmart people will stop impersonating you. You make a fool of yourself online that is what you get. If you don't want this problem stop being such an arrogant, annoying b*tch.


Gas is high everywhere and who gives a *** about your candy and dr pepper u fat ***


Apollo, Pennsylvania, stop using my username to impersonate me. I mean it!!


Then shop somewhere else.


Sort of like you.


I haven't got gas from Murphy in ages. They are rip-off artists.


Boo freaking hoo.

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