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My grandson was in this store with this guy not knowing he was shoplifting and the guy told them so, but they still want my grandson to say that he was watching out for him, and now they want him to admit he was shoplifting by paying them $250 dollars and he hasn't been to court yet . I know this is not the policy of Walmart to convict someone of something before they are tried . Let me see the films.

concerned Grandmother

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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They showed my son(his father the films) and when my grandson tried to explain what happened they still did not believe him. Now my son is grounding my grandson.

My grandson explained what happened. He said that his friend stole items, put them in a Walmart bag and told him he already paid for them. He thought he was putting paid merchandise in his backpack. But security said they were working together and that he was looking out for people while his friend stole and his friend put the items in his backpack.

His father thinks he is lying as well and they refuse to let me see the films. If they showed me the films I can prove that my grandson is not lying and get him ungrounded. His father wants him to pay out of his allowence the $250 and since my grandson is eleven years old he only gets $11 a week and that will be a long time before he gets any allowence. I would give him the money but I am retired and on limited income.

the friend even admitted to not telling him he was shoplifting and did not shoplift when my grandson was around. But my grandson is still in trouble He called me to ask me to have his father unground him. His father said he saw the films and it says my grandson was shoplifting. I am afraid that he may go to jail or a juvenile center or a foster home if this is taken to court.

Please don't charge my grandson his name is Edward Vaughan. He is only eleven years old. Again he did not know his friend was shoplifting. He only thought he was because he did it before and the friend told him this time he paid for the toys and candy.

He told my grandson and lied and said he bought them for him.

He even had a bag from before so it looked like the items were paid for and bagged, and the only mistake my grandson made was being too trusting, and not asking for proof of payment as the other boy was stealing before. Please drop all charges.