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When Walmart started their savings catcher program I started scanning my receipts. After a while, I had gradually accumulated close to $20.

For about a week or so when I went in to check my account and it gave me an error (some type of problem and try again later). After I finally got back into my account my balance was $0. I asked at Walmart for help was told I need to go to for help. told me to check my account online, I did and still $0.

Didn't pursue after that, I work full-time and go to school, no time to deal with it. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Reason of review: Accumulated savings catcher $ disappeared and hard find help to get issue resolved..

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: I like and am a recurring walmart shopper.

Walmart Cons: Having issues and not being able to get simple resolve.

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IntentTibetan Mastiff225

Please HELP !!!!!!!!, I have been trying for several weeks now to get my savings catcher money it is $96.83 I DO NOT, Have a cell for for the Walmart pay app. so PLEASE just send me my money in a card or whatever, the last 4 numbers aRE 6790... I need this money, My email is Helppppppppp, I am so CONFUSED


It’s all still there. They move your money to the Walmart e-gift card now, so available balance will show as $0.

Check your email you used to sign up and you should find the email Walmart sent with your e-gift card access.

They amount never goes away. They moved it all back in October from the available balance to the e-gift card thing for everyone.


The same thing happened to me. I know I had at least $45 but probably closer to $65. Contacted customer service they said they would email me back t could possibly take 30 days.


Anyone know how to use the Lifetime Accumulated Rewards thing on their?? I have over $300 on it and it is only showing me I can use only my Savings Catcher Rewards AVAILABLE NOW stuff and not my Lifetime Accumulated Rewards....

What does Lifetime Accumulated Rewards even mean?? Why can't I transfer that to my Savings Catcher Rewards AVAILABLE NOW amount?


That what's happening to me now. Did u get your money back


Have you found out what Lifetime Rewards are? I've been on the internet and your comment is all I can find about it.

I'm wondering if it's what we've accumulated so far.

A on going total of what we've saved. If it's something we can use it sure would be nice to know.


I had $24.68 I spent it in the 31st so I wouldn’t lose it

But I had entered in a couple receipts on the 28th, I have almost $5 that I should have gotten but it’s not allowing me to

I put in 3 more receipts and they have just been sitting there processing

I know it’s less then $5 but it mine and I hope Walmart does right by everyone


I also lost my rewards dollars. I’ve been working towards a new vacuum or a WII.

I had accumulated $300 dollars worth.

I saw that they were making it easier to redeem in February 2018 so I decided to wait......bamb!!,!, all gone like 0 nothing! I’m highly upset!


I noticed the exact same thing happened in my account on Feb 1st......only I had accumulated around $60. I emailed customer service, but no response yet

@Mary M

If you haven’t set up Walmart Pay do so now and it will show your available balance. Mine showed $0 until it set up Walmart Pay, then I was able to redeem my balance of $30+

IntentTibetan Mastiff225

but what if i do not have a cell phone ??? cant get the walmart pay OMG


Mine to.. Is there anything we can do or is it gone for good?


Please give n e back my money 63.27.. It's mine I learned it...

@Diane edward

A) the word you're looking for is "earned" not learned.

B) you didn't earn anything.

C) learn how to type simple words.


Omg..... typos happen!


I had the same problem. I accumulated $25 and around October 2017 I noticed my rewards showed $0 redeemable and I did not redeem them.

I sent an email to Walmart and no response. Very upset!!!!


Same thing happened to me when I checked. I had accumulated almost $94.00 and it said I could only redeem $5.63 right now and my accumulated total was shaded out and not available..

So I did some clicking and clicked "SET UP WALMART PAY" It is NOW AVAILABLE! Thank the Lord.

So turn it on and it should transfer. No need to link to your debit card, can just skip.


Hackers added an unknown gift card to mine and ordered from my account.

I got an email alert to let me know "my order" was being processed. Got it cancelled and transferred the money to another active gift card that wasnt registered before the order was completed. Thank goodness!

I will just start transferring the money in person from now on...


Check your email In which your Walmart account is activated Your gift Card should be there


I had over $30 and it also disappeared. I asked to resend the ecard , received it by email but only have $1.01 on it

Not happy about this!!