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Update by user Jul 16

when I ever go back to this store again, I want no more calling cops and lieing bout me. don't want to be asked to leave store. want to be treated like a normal customer.

Original review posted by user May 03

will never ever step foot back in this Walmart again. the customers there have called the cops on me and also reported me to the manager and I am sick and tired of it and so done with this store.

I probably never know what customers are doing this *** have a small feeling who could be behind it cause he used to live in my neighborhood but have no time for him but cant prove it. nothing but a bunch of tattle tellers.

no more liberty, tx Walmart for me. there door apparently don't know how to say welcome to Walmart and customers are nothing but a bunch of busy bodies that cant seem to mind their own business

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: issues with customers.

Preferred solution: no more being ratted out on by other customers.

Walmart Cons: Being asked to leave store because other customers were lieing, Accused of driving thru parking lot nude, Fact that manager didnt do anything to resolved problem, Will not be treated like a criminal.

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funny how a woman can walk in Walmart with half a shirt on or a child could be shirtless *** I even seen a long haired dude with tattooes come in without a shirt and door greeter just say welcome to Walmart instead of sir u need to have a shirt on in store. funny how its ok for some people but not for others


liberty Walmart manager- sir, im asking u to leave the store other customers are not comfortable with your muscle shirt. customer in parking lot- police 1police1 theres a naked person driving thru parking lot.

hey there is no circus arena in liberty. oh yes there is- Walmart!


I called out to Ethel, "ETHEL! DON'T LOOK!", but it was too late. She had already been flashed by the streaker.


u know he may been driving around looking for a parking space. the lot could have been packed. and if he says he wasent naked yall have no real cause to say he was unless u actually seen it.


this person seems to make more sense


that is not what happened. I didn't steal anything.

I never stole anything in my life. I was accused of driving thru their parking lot naked which is a lie


What difference does it make if you were driving or riding naked in a car through their parking lot? People shouldn't be naked in their parking lot.


well I wasent naked is the only problem. and there is no law against driving thru a parking lot


Ok so a customer caught you stealing and reported you. When people use the term tattle then it means they KNOW they were doing something wrong.

It was theft of some kind.

You got caught. Move on thief.


i aint no damn thief and u cant get caught stealing when u didn't steal . that Walmart is a side show and u don't know what your talking about


Well. People do know what they are talking about.

If many people saw you and what you are doing which was stealing. Then they had to report it. Just because an customer claims 'they didn't steal anything' does not mean it didn't happen. It's sounds like you're just mad and angry because you got caught.

Sorry, but people are not buying into your bs review. And people are able to tell when people lie and fabricate details.


well in the first place I don't care if anybody believes me or not. what im saying is a fact.

I never stole a *** thing in my life and can prove it. u don't know me and no u people don't know what talking about and u are a liar. u don't know a damn thing thing about me and everything I said is true. u know nothing bout me and I don't fabricate *** .

I tell it like it is so *** I never been to jail in my entire life nor have I been handcuffed. I got a perfect driving record. no dwi,s ever. no felonies ever.

I have nothing on me and I can prove it. if I was a felon I wouldn't have the job I have.

no yall don't know what u talking about. I do




if anybody is lieing or fabricating its u. u sound like a trouble maker to me.

u are carrying tales about me and nothing your saying is true. I don't care if strangers believe what im saying or not because I know im not a thief. u can believe whatever u want I don't care. u are wrong so why don't u just keep your nasty opinions to yourself.

I go in other Walmart stores and don't have this problem. just have this problem with people like u.

think what u want bout me but the truth is u don't know *** about me and yiour lies is what im aggervated about. I didn't get caught stealing cause I didn't steal and don't care what u believe


so right


u tell em


this person sounds like a trouble maker and just needs yo keep their mouth shut


what a liar this person is. that dude says he didn't steal then he probably didn't.