Evansville, Indiana
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A few weeks ago I looked on Wal-Mart's website looking for a camera; I seen a camera that was $139.00. So that day I went to an actual Wal-Mart store and had to pay $189.00 for the camera.

Afterwards I called the store and they said if I wanted to pay the $139.00 I would have to return the camera and order it online. I would of done that, but I'm 14 and don't have a credit card.

I would have also used one of my family member's credit card, but they don't order things online. I am VERY unhappy with Wal-Mart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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online prices are just that...Online. Prices online are always cheaper.

Stores have higher prices because the profit on each item needs to be greater to cover the overhead of the store.

Also it could be an online only sales event. It is not the stores fault


A lot of time things are higher priced in stores than on the web sites, because of the fact that the cost of shipping has to be figured in. Unless that camera was something that could be shipped to the store for you to go and pick up, the shipping to have it shipped to you probably would have been quite high. You also have to figure tax onto the price and if you had ordered online, tax would have been added on too.