Dickson City, Pennsylvania

I had a routine basic oil change , check battery , top off other fluids , tire pressure , and now when i use my remote to start my car I can drive without a key and it shuts off and restarts on its own every minute or so ,,, & I'm told there s nothing' they can do ,,, shouldn't have came here Is all I can say ...wtf now if I have. Bill to fix this I will have to sue or something , I cannot afford this Thts for sure , sobif I get a bill I am taking it back tobwalmart tire am lube tonpaybme for my bill tht I have tobpaybfor this , 2 years owning this car this , is a first !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Your remote system has nothing to do with your oil change. I almost laughed out loud.

I read a complaint similar to this a while back.

A guy had his oil changed and tried to say the oil change made his clutch go out. Dude...seriously.


Your car already had a problem