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now n am not encouraging what my daughter did. Let me get this straight. i punished my daughter for what she did.

here is the story.

i was shopping in your south sioex nebraska store, my elevin year old daughter wanted to go and look at the toys, she asked me to buy her a greece barbie doll frenchie. i told her i did not have the money. she was disappointed, but she asked if she could look at the toys. i said yes, and to meet me in half an hour. i now i said i would not shop in your store again and i wont but i needed some food items and your store was the only one nearby and i needed to make food fast so my daughter could go to her girl scouts meeting.

a few weeks ago there was a racist greeter at your store that demanded to see s reciept from my daughter as she was leaving the store. she grabbed the bag from my daughter's hand and i demanded to speak with a manager. he said he would handle it and ofcourse he handled it by putting her in another store which happens to be the one i go to frequiently. anyways this racist greeter asked to see our reciept. i refused to show it to her as i had not done nothing wrong.

upon leavin the store i was apporached by someone who claimed to be security. he told me that he wanted to arrest my daughter for shoplifting, at first i told him that he made a mistake my daughter would never do such a thing and i would be filing a complaint against him because he is just accusing my daughter because of our skin color. then he said that my daughter stole a barbie doll and chocolate bar. i said no way, she was just looking at them, she wanted one and i said i did not have the money. i asked my daughter to open up her backpack and to my shok she had stolen the barbie doll and chocolate bar. not wanting to get my daughter in future trouble i coorperated with him.

now i know my daughter did something wrong, however had she been white she would have gotton away with the shoplifting. because she is black they suspected her even before she stole the doll. i bet i was being followed around the store before my daughter even asked for the barbie doll. infact i would not be surprised if he was hearing our conversation (a private conversation at that) and thought this little black girl would steal the doll just because she is black. if we had been a white family he would have just left, better yet he would not have followed her to the toy department.

to make matters worse the security guard had the nerve to tell me that she had stolen small toys and candy before, i asked my daughter if this was true and she said yes. now i know my daughter did something wrong and i punished her by telling her she could not go to her girl scout meeting and sent her straight to bed, however if she had been white she would have gotton away with it. i feel it is unfair that they suspected a black 11 year old (a child) of being a criminal before giving her a chance. the fact that they were watching her before and saw her stealing before proves that they suspected her just because she was black. if she had been white and taking little things before they would never have suspected her and she would have had gotton away with all the shoplifting. which makes me wonder if her white friends parents bought the toys for their children or if her friends stole them and were not caught just because they are white.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Location: Ajax, Ontario

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If ignorance is bliss you must be the happiest person on the earth. How can you justify allowing your daughter to hang out in the toy department without you...remember Adam Walsh.

This all would have been avoided if you had had you child stay with you while shopping are you aware how dangerous it is for children to be alone in the toy department?

Where do you think child molesters hang out looking for victims. As for the greeter no they should not have grabbed your child but there is nothing wrong with asking to see the receipt and now you know why...right...you know why now, just in case you are still clueless it is because people steal including your daughter and you are to blame seems the nut hasn't fallen far from the tree.


I'm white and rich. They ask for my receipts all the time. They probably had your daughter on tape, that's why they called her out- how else would they know EXACTLY what she took.


This wasn't racism. You're just judging random people. Your daughter does something wrong to someone else and then you try to insult them by saying that they're racist? Are you really that simple minded?

Instead of canceling your daughters plans, you should have made your daughter go in there and apologize to the store manager and the employee. You should have made her admit to someone that she is wrong.

Now, I know that just as long as your kid isn't stealing from you or bugging you then you don't care but yeah, it's time to step up to the plate and teach your kid some lessons. They suspected her because she had stolen something before.... I know this because I was once a greeter myself.

I have never stolen anything in my life and if I were to give a attitude for no reason then my father would get a switch off the cherry tree for me.


You shouldn't be calling people *** you ***.


Your daughter was arrested because she was stealing, end of story, good-bye the end, any questions?


And for your information.. apparently you child is a criminal, so the accusation would be correct, black or white. :(


I am sure that the security guard was thinking " Hey, since she's a black kid, she must have stolen something." Oh Please. You freely admitted that she had stolen from the storein the past, so perhaps they were keeping a closer eye on her since they have probably seen her steal on the security tapes.

If they didn't, that would be like asking someone who robbed your house to come back later and do it again. The race card is getting old. This is not the times of slavery and not every white person is out to "get" black people and vice versa.

Suck it up, and by the way, a good strapping would solve this stealing problem, not missing a Girl Scout meeting. ***


Did complaint265 just admit that she shoplifts? Lol now I know she's a troll.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Oh yeah, hahahahaha to the OP. You're a grade A ***.

They should have tried to prosecute a habitual criminal. She got off way easy, probably because they didn't want to be accused of racism.


Kid complain is a RN, not the mother. or child. Learn how to read before calling people trolls.


This wasn't racism. If it was then our Wal-Mart is equally racist against whites....

I'm white and can't get out of Wal-mart until I show a receipt every time. They are extremely tight with security on everyone!

If there are empty grocery bags left in the cart I bring into the store from the lot, an employee snatches them out in a hurry. This wasn't racism, it was just a camera caught a kid putting a barbie doll and chocolate bar in their bag and they did their job.


Sweetheart, I work at Walmart, and I am black. To let you know, THIS WASN'T RACISM.

Have you not noticed all 289(on average) Cameras in the stores? The security people frequently walk the stores (Dressed like regular shoppers, just with earpieces to hear managers talking), and watch people who they think could have stole something.

Also, someone sits in the back office monitoring cameras. They wouldn't even THINK to approach a customer unless they had solid proof.

We can get fired for even asking to see a receipt unless the buzzer goes off.


Face it you people will cry racism over small things. Your child was watched because blacks have a higher tendancy to steal than whites.

And like a black she stole. She probably got it from you or your husband or another black friend.


Oh, good. Another little victim of discrimination well on her way to bigger things.

Just remember: always blame the system. It's always society's fault. Also, it's a good idea never to take personal responsibility.

Maybe getting caught now will teach her (and you) a valuable lesson.

Then again, probably not.


Great another ignorant "parent" (that term is used very loosely) raising another future resident of our prison system.


Shame on you. Your daughter was caught doing something wrong and you're more concerned about the people that caught her.

Stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for your child. The world needs her not to be as ignorant as you are.


Well your stories are not any better complaint. You have several stories like this. Well not exactely the same stories but you go around bragging about the money you make and how you should be treated better just because you are a RN.


Lady, your biggest problem (aside from an obvious lack of education and parenting skills) is ignorance. Get a grip!


This has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with shoplifting. Don't be so sensitive!


OHOHOHOHOH lady. How ignorant can you possibly be and why on Gods Earth would you want to pass this to your child.

Do you possibly KNOW how many white people are caught shoplifting? Im one of them... Oh and you are calling the door greeter racist? Doesnt that make you a little racist just by saying "if my daughter was white"?

What does that really have to do with that? There are at least 100 cameras in Wal-Mart and they just so happened to watch you and your daughter all the way through the store. Right?Honey, how many hits of crack did you take before entering the store? There are thousands of people in those stores everyday.

And your child white or black isnt going to learn a thing from missing one girl scout meeting when they are supposed to teach good things.

You should have tore her butT up...WAIT thats only something white people do right? :x


I don't think these stories are real. someone is just making this *** up. Because no one could be that dumb...

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