Toronto, Ontario

First of all I will be honest with you straight forward. I admit I asked my two children 2 female and 9 female to hide in the washroom;.

Then I went up and told the customer service desk person my children were lost while my older mother stole items in the store:. However this is not the issue!. The issue is that they had two security guards and one of them was too busy watching my mother than looking for the child when a code Adam was paged/. When a code Adam is paged the first priority is to look for the lost child/.

They said I have done this at least five times(asked my children to hide and have a code Adam paged) lie, I only did it three times".

A child's safety should come before arresting a shoplifter!. Now I can possibly lose both my children and my husband may get custody of them and not allow me near them because I am a bad influence.

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Are you kidding me? Your children need to be taken away from you.

Teaching them to steal.

Involving them in criminal activity. I hope your children learn and understand what you are doing is wrong and are able to grow up and be decent citizens unlike their mother and grandmother.


This story is too funny to be true.


What a piece of *******work you are. You deserve to lose your kids by using them to commit a crime and the icing on the cake was their Grandmother is involved, I hope you both end up in prison :(


.......Ummmm...I am speachless......are for real?


Good for your (presumably ex) husband, if this story is true. Which I seriously doubt. :roll


Quit posting this same lie RETARDED ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :zzz :zzz :zzz :upset :upset :upset


ok, your officially an ***! You have posted this same story many times!