Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania
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I bought a computer from walmart in july 09 sixteen days later it crashed on me i took it back to walmart they said cause it ws over thier 15 day policey that they would do nothing about it i contacted emachines they told me that i got to sent it to them at my expence i told them *** no i had to go through the attorney gen to gei it taken care of then and only then emachines called me and said that they would pay for shiping no one should have to take it that far walmart should have taken care of it i have not been back in that walmart sence and will not go back to them my girl bought me a rotisserie oven from that walmart the other day and of course it was broke too i made her take it back the fish at walmart are in dire need of help tanks are dirty and dead fish in all the tanks she took pics of the nasty condistions they are in animal abuse

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hey Daniel,

emachine is an awesome company they are owned by acer who owns gateway one of the best and most well known computer company's. :(


You can't generalize that everything is wrong because of yours. The policies are clearly stated.

I do agree that your service experience was terrible, they should have been more sypathetic and helpful in getting your problem resolved. However, from the tone of your post, I suspect you went in with a *** you did me wrong" attitude. If you have such a problem again, go in with a better attitude and ask to see the store manager, NEVER raise your voice or use harsh language and they are more likely to go out of thier way to help. ALso go in at a time when the store isn't hugely busy.

I bought an emachine in 2007 and am still using it perfectly.

I've moved six times and its still in fantastic working order. I do regular maintenance and updates, have performed countless modifications and have never had a problem.


Why in the world would you ever buy a computer from Walmart in the first place? That's ***. Secondly, why in the world would you buy an emachines?