dear to whom it may concern my dad bought a car battery at walmart and the battery still has warranty and the battery was tested bad at all the auto stores and its leaking acid and my dad went to take it back to walmart and the manager lied and said it was good and its not what can be done about this situation idont know the name of the manager but they treated my dad unfairly they should treat my dad with respect i think by rights they should give my dad another battery the old one is no good

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I have had to take back a few things to mmy Walmart here in Greenwood,SC. as long as i have the receipt i can get my money back or an

exchange. If i dont have a receipt i will

exchange only. ihave not had a bad time dealing

with any walmart repreesentive or manager.

thank you WalMart. my email is blolar@nctv.com.


WalMart sells every kind of oil, from the cheapest to the best. You put in cheap oil and blamed WalMart, though you are the one who bought it and poured it in.

Is your car a modern one, or an old American car that CAN run on cheap oil? Don't blame Walmart for your lack of knowledge about selecting the proper oil.




they prorate these batteries if they are under warrenty. If you dont have a receipt then you can get an exchange if it is under a warrenty

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #208780

I think your dad is doing a good job by letting a nine year old such as yourself type the letter. For a nine year old you type really well. Keep up the good work and remember next time to use capital letters, periods, ect.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #208518

you are a fool if you believe the catalogue. they probably pay consumer reports to say their battaries are the best.


No offense, but it seems like an overriding hatred of Wal-Mart in general is driving this discussion. A quick look at Consumer Reports' November 2010 issue (pg, 48-51) has all the EverStart Maxx batteries as "recommended" and most a "CR Best Buy."

As for other brands, for my size, Group 24, the Interstate Mega-Tron Plus is rated #1 (EverStart Maxx is a close #2 and #3), but the Mega-Tron II was the lowest rated. For Group 35, Mega-Tron Plus was just a #9.

So for brand consistency, the EverStart is the best out there according to CR.


oregon walmart is the best. I had a 3 year battery that died at like over 2 years and I got ALL the money back.

Thankfully I found my reciept taped to the battery! We have the BEST walmart in the world in Grants Pass oregon---I took 14 of my 16 hotdogs back because they gave me heart burn---I asked "do you do heartburn returns?" she took it!


Walmart is nasty. I purchased some of their cheap car oil that was on sale. Tech something. And poured just one court in of which is was low, the oil light came on within the same week: I took it back and they said that "they could not do the oil change becuase the oil light was on!" I told them, I want your oil out of the car, it is causing the oil pressure to malfunction. They refused. I took it down the road, Jiffy lube dumped the oil and put in Valvoline 5w20, of which I usually use and the oil light went off.

How can one refuse their own oil? I had the oil and the receipt. It does not matter if Walmart put the first quart in or I, its still "their oil." LOL

I have the remaining 4qrts if any engineers want to test it. I won't give it all up. I am keeping it for safekeeping. :)

zarxo@verizon.net for inquiries!

If I was not too busy with school, I would picket that product. Yes people, you can picket a product that any store sells--but not the store per se.


neer help call 1-800-WAL-MART


don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


I find Walmart batteries last exactly as there listed if you take care of them.. certainly not a great battery.

but if you buy the 1 year battery, it'll last a year, or the 2 yr battery will last 2 years. I have gotten bad batteries and they take them back, and if they lie and call it good, call corporate and give them the store number on the top of the reciept. my mom has worked at the local walmart for 14 years so that might be why I get returns easy..

I normally get Duralast or Exides for vehicles. but I do usually get a walmart battery every 2 years for my mower..


Unfortunately you had to learn the hard way. All walmart batteries are junk. They are made to sub standard specs, because walmart demands the supplier to make them cheap, go to an auto parts store next time.


ha walmart...these people make me chuckle i went there last night to get my battery i asked the guy what battery do i need for my car...simple question. he showed us the book and found the year that wasnt my car just like i pointed out my car is not in here.

then the guy sat there as WE chose the battery and asked got the one you need? no, no we dont you still havent pointed it out to me so i took the one that he sugested (bad idea) i take it home and this jack off gave me a battery with the terminals on the complete oppisite side they were supossed to be! so lets go to the real auto store shall we? explain the story to them had a good laugh and the guy even gave me the core charge without having the battery there nice guy he was.

but 2day when i put the battery in. its too short and wont fit in my car so i add sum spacers so i can start my car and now the negative terminal clamp wont clamp down because its a jap peice of *** and clearly they had to save sum money on the car and give me a *** connector


My Walmart battery is a year old and already having problems. Based on reviews across the internet, I'm not even going to return it.

I just get an Interstate or maybe a duralast.

Too many people have to many problems & I don't want top get stuck somewhere. Some are calling NeverStart rather than Everstart!


Never ever ever buy a wally *** battery! Every time it gets cold, They are useless and will never hold a charge again. You have been warned.


Horrible batteries. I have (had) three of them

they will frequently self discharge over night.

They know they have a problem and it's called

pressuring their suppliers for the cheapest price

regardless of quality. I just keep a bringing them back

making warranty claims. Never buy evermaxx batteries at Walmart.


I bought the top of the line battery the Maxx battery from walmart 3 years ago now. Well every year when winter comes around with in those 3 years the dang battery fails every winter.

Im on my 3rd battery And here in SC it only gets to 28 degrees at the lowest and thats about 4 weeks in the winter.. So I will tell everyone i know not to buy a walmart battery at all!!


I would recommend to all customers if possible to install your car battery yourself only cause its really easy to install and you can try it out quicker and take it back that same day if it doesnt work.


i bought a lawnmower battery and told my dad i paid 25.00 for it and he said oh take it back, i found one for 14.00.

the customer service lady said im sort but its our policy to not take back batterries unless they are bad.

do you want usto test it?

sure go ahead, they both stand there givig me the evil eye and say so you want us to test it?

i said yes, test it by all means, then she tests it and leaves,and is gone for 5 minutes, comes back and says its good so theres nothing we can do, i said i bought it yesterday and i never installed it.

i knowits good, i havent used it, she gives me a go-to-*** look, i said i want the manager.

she came up and i said i bought this yesterday and its *** to tell me customer policy when its not on my recipt. ill never buy another battery from here ever again, i got my money back.

i hope the store goes out of business.

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