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I work 10 hours a day and don't have much time for shopping. On Friday at 5:30 I went to buy my daughter a Halloween costume. My daughter really wanted to be Hannah Montana.

I asked the incompetient woman working in the seasonal department where the Hannah Montana costumes were. She told me that they were sold out. There were other costumes but my daughter did not like any of them. The store was giving out chocolates to the children. She went further and insulted my daughter by apologizing and offering her an extra two chocolates just for her. My daughter pushed her hand away and started sulking. I know this was rude of my daughter but the incompitient employee deserved it because she did not order enough Hannah Montana costumes. Yeah like the chocolate will make up for her disappointment. My daughter was so disappointed that she did not want to go out trick or treating his year. I had to leave my daughter at home alone because I am a single parent to take my son trick or treating. Because I had to leave a nine year old at home alone my son's trick or treating was cut short. To top it off there were not any of thos 75 packs of fun sized chocolates left. There were only cheap candies left. I am a registered nurse. I make 90k a year. I looked real cheap handing out lollypops to the neighborhood children all because some incompitient employee could not order the treats right. They apologized to my daugher. But an apology is not good enough. There is some incompitient employee that did not order enough costumes. I think that a good gesture of customer service would be if my daugher was given a gift card for the inconvience which was caused to her.

To top it off even if there was a Hannah Montana costume, we would never find it because the same incompitient employee kept the Halloween department messy. Costumes were thrown all over, left in shopping carts, on the floor in boxes.

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god *** *** y u let ur frickin child act like a *** fool????? if this is even real!!! :( :( :( :( :(



people this is a troll. this is not real, this is a story made up to get reactions out of people.



Frankly, I don't know who is the bigger *** here, is it the person who wrote this letter or the person telling a ten year old what a *** is?


Is this *** for real?


Halloween is 2 months away if you had been nice to the nice sales lady maybe she would have checked another store for you, maybe she would have taken your phone number and called you when more stock came in. But no your too busy letting your child be rude and *** like you to show anyone kindness.

You who have obviously never worked retail.

or you would know customers like you cant find what they want and throw things down on the ground. your daughter didn't deserve it.


-_- Your face is ***. Your stupidness is ***.

And your daughter is a spoiled brat who doesnt want chocolate. I NEED chocolate.


Thanks for posting this sicksensation. Unfortunately this is another one of Jason/brett's victims.

I have a strong feeling that this is their letter. I could be wrong, but someone has been posting under complain215's name.


I sense a bit of trolling.


you got to be kidding me!!!i work in customer service..it is obvious the worker felt bad there wasnt any more hanna montana costumes left..but come on this stuff is put out a month in advance.and as far as we know she could of ordered it and it not come in or there not be any left to be shipped! and the day of halloween everyone is out there combing thru the costumes...you could straighten up that area and 5 minutes later it would be slopped up all over again.

as far as looking cheap passing out the left over candy...they sell 33 cent full size candy bars!!making 90k a yr i am sure she could of bought several of those. over all just another sorry excuse to try to get something free.granted i feel bad for the daughter...but a little imagination could of created a hanna montana costume as well...with all the stuff out there by her.


Well I have a thought...maybe next year you won't wait until Halloween evening to try and get the costume you wanted? And, truthfully, if my child had been so rude as to smack someone's hand away who was trying to be kind because her MOTHER didn't think to shop early, he would have spent Halloween in his room.


Zachary is ten years old, he does not need to know what that word means.


Correct spelling of "Incompetent" first of all. Meaning: "A person lacking the skills, qualities, or ability to do something, powers for the purpose in question." I think if any one was "incompetent" it is you.

For leaving a 9 yr old at home alone. Who is the mother you or the 9 yr old? Your child couldn't just ride even if she didn't want to treak or treat?

Instead you chose to leave her at home by herself? That is "incompetent".


Zach, if you are implying about how I used on my "0" due to the blocking of various words, I wanted to make sure the word was as clear as I could make it.


Now come on Zach, pretty much as it says. Someone that doesn't care who they screw as long as they get a little of something out of it.

Even if it means a measly free gift card. :grin


Nutty what's a cheap ***


Serously I think it's your fault halloween didn't "work out".. there are other stores besides walmart and obviously there will be NO hannah montana costumes the day of halloween!

dur.. stop making excuses.

plan ahead if you really care THAT much to post a compliant.-- and I agree about leaving your daughter at home, that is crazy.. especially on halloween.


You are a freaking wacko!!!! You need kicked in that face of yours for real.

You are no mother who deserves any kids (leaving a 9 yr old home alone) you need to be turned into child welfare. If I were that sales person I would of punched you out right in the face right there.

Get over these free gift cards you are always wanting. You are a cheap ***