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Statement that I requested every time the bank sent me an email, I have yet to receive a statement. I called the Walmart credit office and the CS Rep.

assured me last weekend that I would receive the statement by Friday at the latest and that there would be no late fee, due to the misunderstanding on the part of the bank, they want me to use the internet to pay my bills, but they don't answer their email? I was willing and able to pay the bill the first time they said it was due, but I do require a written statement before paying, I was not able to view it on line as they wouldn't accept my email address and the password I used to sign up for the card.

Please send me my statement by US Mail and I will gladly pay what I owe. thanks,

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Warning get rid of any card by Synchrony Bank their only intention is to double the cost of any item you charged. They love to sign you up for deferred interest promotions which is equal to putting your neck in a noose and strapping you to a horse with your hands tied behind your back. They're hidden interest rate is above 35% even though they offer you 0% to begin with both interest charges are being charged at the exact same moment but they only tell you about the 0% and then it disappears and you're stuck paying 35% from the second you purchase the item when you thought you had time to pay run don't walk


This is a very poor card, but your dealings are with them and not Walmart. Go online to select paper billing.