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Wal-Mart, the MADE IN AMERICA, store has shopped out their customer services to Guatemala and Honduras. While I don't have anything against the countries or their people, operators handling customer service PHONE issues should be able to communicate to customers.

Our service was disconnected due to this issue. The person at customer service totally misunderstood a request to confirm some billing and disconnected two phone lines. This has continued as an ongoing saga now for 5 days. I get a different story every time I call and am told in one instance one of the phone lines is OK.

It wasn't. It took two more phone calls with two more non-English operators to finally get a disability line reconnected. The 2nd line has yet to be connected and the person I spoke to today (the 8th at least) says they will have to get their supervisor involved and will call me at 7am tomorrow morning. I was told on Thursday that it would take 48 hours to reconnect the 2nd line.

This I don't understand. They disconnected it almost immediately and it is now the 5th day without communication services on the 2nd line. They have disconnected the 1st line off and on at least 3 times. Today I was told that no ticket had been issued to reconnect the 2nd line.

I have reported this information as fraud to the FCC.

I've also contacted customer nocare at Wal-Mart but was told by email it would take 5 business days to review my case. Worse than dealing with the government.......

Product or Service Mentioned: Tmobile Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Non English Speaking Customer Services.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Horrible customer service.

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We are now being overcharged for the non-service for the 10 days we actually had service. Intermittent though it was.

Writing to Wal-Mart, Family Mobile, and T-Mobile hoping to resolve the charges. I somehow doubt that will happen.


So now I'm working with a supervisor who tells me the computer system is down. He did call me back but there seems to be difficulty with his phone line.

I got cut off.....

So what to do? I will most likely lose my 12 year phone number because they cannot seem to restore my number in any professional or timely way.

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