Thibodaux, Louisiana
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I went to wal mart in Thibodaux, La.,to pick up my lay-a-way for the lady to tell me that my daughters scooter was out back on the floor to sell to someone that had the money to buy it out right! She said she would have to order it and it will take 10 days to come in.

Well 10 days puts me at the 20th which is to close to Christmas mind you if I would have took it out on the last day to pick up that would put my deliver on the 25 CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

I'm pissed beyond words! If I was told this I would have bought it out right or I would have went get my stuff sooner to not be so close to Christmas coming in!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Chair before it feel apart.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Service.

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Nice try claiming you never made that post about being a day late on layaway, yeah you provided the receipt, but funny how the scooter was not even on the receipt.


I noticed the scooter was not on the receipt as well. Interesting.


and fyi its not gonna say scooter when your lazy *** could have easily looked up the names on the site yourself because the scooter is on there but under a different name


Large items are pull tag. They dont have room to store them, so the order one when your account is paid to 80 percent. They probably told you this when you made the account, if you jad listened.


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I just posted pics of my receipt where it's clear pick up was the 15th and I had 13 items picked up today and 1 remaining in there!! So plz read good before you make assumptions.

I'm seriously pissed! As anyone would be right?

I didn't write the *** about rewarding my daughter for c's either! Anyone can post here just like you all did!


How would another customer even know that there was that particular scooter on layaway? They can't just sell someone's layaway items to another customer unless the first customer cancelled their layaway and the item was then put back on the floor. There has to be more to this story.


They didn't sell my lay a way item from the back when I walked out they actually put the scooter back in the front for sale!!! The rest of my 400$ things were all in the back! Only the scooter was put back in the store!!!