Waycross, Georgia
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I bought Mr coffe capppacino machine from walmart 4/22/2012. It exploded and coffee, coffee grinds, hot water & glass went everywhere.

Scared a 7 yr old to death. Tried to report it to Jarden/ Mr coffee. Their solution was to send me another one. Shoot do you really think I want to try that again?

Wal-mart not interested in taking it off the shelf unless manufactur has recall.

If you have never had an explosion in your face then you get a MR coffee and you too came see what I'm talking about.

I pray nobody has to have that happen.

Please do all can to remedy this situation.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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wow.. not only is the original poster horrible with grammar, they're a drug abuser too.


I bought this machine to make crack cocaine. I guess when I put chemicals into maker it cauzzed it to exploded. I was just mad after Wal-mart manger said he wuz going to call po-lice and wood not refund my MR coffee machine.


Exactly, in her review on complaintsboard.com she admitted to putting it in the mircowave.


I feel sorry for your loss. It's too bad that your 7 year old DIED when a coffee maker malfunctioned and didn't harm anyone. Why did you force her to make your coffee for you?

Also; read the instructions, this is your fault.


Just because you don't know how to follow instructions(which is most likely why it exploded)does not mean that they should take them all off the shelves.


just because one product was defective doesn't mean they'll take all of them down.