Baltimore, Maryland
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My Nuwave oven dome just started cracking up after a year use. First there was a small crack the more I used it the more it cracked.

My co-worker said the same thing happen to hers. My sister had mentioned this happening to hers but it did not dawn on me until it started happening to mines this oven is not cheap I did not get the buy one get one free deal I like Nuwave products but this is


I would like nuwave to replace my dome free of charge, they should also put a warning label on their products tell you that this may happen and what to do if it does. Like I said their you have to pay quite a bit for their products.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

  • June 2014
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Unacceptable not unexceptable. Yes it did help.


yes this helps talked with others it has happen to them how do we get this resolved