Phillipsburg, New Jersey
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While shopping in the shoe section my purse was stolen out of my shopping cart. I reported it to security and the police came.

Appears there are no security cameras in that department. I was asked if I noticed anyone around me. I stated yes there was a Walmart employee that kept walking past me when I was trying on sneakers. They dismissed it and me.

I was told they would search the store for the purse. The next day when I called to see if they found it the manager on the phone knew nothing about and didn't seem to care either! It appears this is a daily thing at Walmart! The 22.97 sneakers have cost me over 500.00!

Thanks for nothing Walmart. I'll shop at Target from now on!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $605.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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If you think Target doesn't have purse snatchers you are going to be very disappointed. Also it should not be the store's responsibility after the fact to catch a purse snatcher using security cameras when you could have prevented it by watching your purse.


I'm sorry but I know we are not getting the whole story.

If you think these things don't happen at Target then you are delusional. Target is just Walmart in different colors, higher prices, and refusing to cater to rural America.

First Born Triplet

I have to agree with the other posters, it is not the stores fault the purse was stolen, at least you are not like another poster who demanded the money be replaced. Think it was written by a mother of a Burger King employee where she demanded they give her daughter back the money that was stolen from her.


Next time give the purse to mommy or daddy. I assume you are a child because if you were an adult you would admit to fault to being careless, the reason you lost the purse was because you were careless. I know being six years old you think everyone was raised to do the right thing but sadly there are bad people in the world.


Of course the only person you saw near your shopping cart was a WalMart employee. Did it ever occur to you that when you are looking at/trying on merchandise you should keep your personal belongings with you?

There was absolutely no reason for the shopping cart with your purse in it should have been out of your sight for even one minute. The theft was basically your fault for being careless with you belongings.