Council Bluffs, Iowa
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I went to walmart in Alvin,Tex. to make a return. When they intered my Dl.# in register it denied my refund. They said I had a hot check on file. They were rude from the start after that. The manager was no help either. They said to call this 800 #. Did that for 3 hours. You know the real kicker, The check I was linked to, Walmart in Aransas,Tex. They had me call tele-chek, and through forgery. Sorry mam your Dl.# is in good standing with us.

All walmart did was: " I'm Sorry, not good ENOUGH!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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this is so ***!!!!


If I had a dollar for everytime someone mistook being told no, or something else they don't want to hear as rude I would be rich. If they apologized than they were not rude. Yeah the store has issues, hires retards who cannot do their jobs, but it s 2016 who rights checks anymore, get out of the 1940's and use a credit card, debit card or cash.


Same thing happened to me & I've never written a check to walmart.


It wasn't personal. I mean the person just runs your ID number through the system. I am sure that they believed you personally, but if the just belived everybody who it shows has checks unpaid, they would be bankrupt!