Markham, Ontario

My son stole a few DVDs and Pokemon and placed it in his backpack. The greeter who was supposed to check his backpack after the security alarm went off was told by manager and LP not to check his bag because they were going to arrest him for shoplifting.

Had the greeter been allowed to do her job my so would have returned the stolen DVD"S and Pokemon cards and confessed. Instead he was set up and not given the chance to correct his mistake. Let me tell you my son is ten years old and if he had been stopped by the greeter he would have returned the stolen DVDs and cards and apologized. I yelled at him when he got home, but it seems like LP gets paid for every shoplifter they catch.

That is why my son was not given the chance to correct his mistake. I allowed him to look around while I was shopping. The employee who saw him stealing did not say anything to me.

If she did then I would have made him return stolen DVD and cards.

Not happy with what my son has done but also not happy with how it was handled. Basically he was not given a choice to correct his wrongdoing which is what this is about.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Shoplifters.. yeah!

Lets shake our fingers at them, pat them on the head , and let them go home with a "stern warning".

STOP the juvenile delinquents! Call the cops!

thats what they are for.

Personally, I think if your son was caught shoplifting, YOU should be arrested for it! If my son is caught stealing, I should go to jail.

Be the Parent!


Im sure they can't check everyone

The greeters are there to greet people.

They don't check everyone's pockets, purses, ect.



The kid is 10 years old. He should know "right" from "wrong." He should know that stealing is "wrong." This sounds like a "parenting fail" to me.


Look lady, it sounds like he probably has done this sort of thing before. Maybe being arrested will scare him into NOT stealing!


It sounds to me that you are a horrible parent who has spawned a horrible child. Who are you to decide what the responsibilities of the greeter is?

Perhaps the greeter saw your brat stealing and wanted to teach the kid a real lesson by letting loss prevention deal with the theft seriously, as they should.

How were you able to even type up your complaint? Aren't chromosome deprived people more apt to simply drool?


had you been doing your part as a parent,this page wouldn't even be on the web. ***!!!


NerdlingerSS, I think you are talking about another letter where a mother claimed that her nine year old son stole her mother's day gift and how it ruined mother's day because they would not let him get away with it and called her instead ruining her day since her son is a no good thief, and how his father punished him by beating him and that ruined mothers day more because she had to watch her son being assaulted. This could be a fake, but these days it could be real. People refuse to take responsibility for their actions.


You Should been watching your son better and first of all he shouldn't have stolen anything in the first place!