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My son wanted a cell phone case.He put the case on his phone and decided he did t like it!

Well with my busy life and kids i saved my receipt by the time i remembered and was able to take it back to the store well low and behold. Im sorry but we cant return this its passed the 30 days!!! REALLY IT was bought on june 19 and i went to return it on the 25th of july ! UNBELIEVABLE!!


I am not very happy with Walmart right now. My son spent his own money to buy the cell phone cover. Since they would not allow him to exchange the cell phone cover he made the exchange himself. As we were leaving the store we were stopped by security. They told me my son has stolen a cell phone cover and other items as well. My two younger boys had to witness my oldest being accused of shoplifting. When the police were called the sided with Kmart of course. Kmart must bribe them with free Little Caesar Pizza. Anyways now thanks to them my son has to go through the Juvenile court system. Technically he was not stealing since he was replacing one item that he did not want with another item. This would never have happen had they allowed him exchange the item for something he liked.

Fyi i was able to return another case to a different company when the case was purchased before the walmart one was!!!Ill never go to walmart again!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cell Phone Case.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Then what is your definition of stealing? That is exactly what your son did.

The store has policies for a reason. They told you "no" yet you allowed your son to take a different case out of the package and put it on his phone and then try to walk out of the store without paying for it. That is called stealing lady.

It should be you going through the court system for allowing him to do that. Get a clue.


June 19-July 25 is over 30 days. Did you mean to say June 25th is when you tried to take it back?

That is under 30 days and WM would have been the ones in the wrong if they didn't take it back... unless it had already been opened and used?

I have a feeling you are leaving stuff out here. You also switch from WM to Kmart mid story.


Obviously some lies here. You switch from Wal-Mart to K-Mart midstory and if they told you no exchange, then it was theft.


Your son stole the phone case. The store refused to exchange as per their T&C and thus are within the law and policy to do so.

He exchanged it himself (encouraged and known to you) but you didnt know because your so busy with the kids right? and he put the old case he didnt want back and put a new one from display and walked out. "This wouldnt of happened he if was allowed to exchange"? Some BS right there!

Yep, still theft. The store, security, the law and every sane law abiding person in the world would state the same.

I would of whupped *** because your and your son are D U M B *** E S! Learn how to be a better parent.


In the middle of your complaint you switch from Walmart to Kmart. Where exactly were you, and why can't you keep your story straight?


I noticed that too. Part of why this is unbelievable.


This person is not smart at all so perhaps they don't know where they bought the item from? They probably thought they bought the item from Walmart and returned it to Kmart with a Walmart receipt or vice versa. It is obvious that they did not make it past elementary school math if they think that from June 19th to July 25th is less than 30 days.


Your son made the exchange himself? That's theft.

Maybe he would know this if you taught him better. Sad, a kid has to go through the Juvenile system, because his parent didn't teach him better.



Why can't you our your son actually follow their return policy?

What is the big deal with their return policy?

Since you are this upset then perhaps you should complain to their Corporate Headquarters instead.


You do realize that you tried to exchange it 36 days later and not 30, correct? You're right that this is unbelievable.

A mother not correcting her son of his mistakes is unbelievable! Stop blaming other people for your problems. If your son doesn't have a receipt for that particular case and he tried to walk out, he was trying to steal it. You both knew what was going on.

Unbelievable huh?

Well, more like it's sad when a mother does this kind of thing.


She was probably the one that encouraged him to steal the case inf the first place. But looks like they had the receipt, but since the person returned it after the return policy date they were not allowed to so the mother probably told the son just to take the cover he wanted and put the old one back. Still theft.


I think you are right. I'm not sure why somebody would wait 30 days just to say that they don't like it and try to exchange it.

Yes, it is theft.

Most of those products have a different barcode number. You still don't do that.