Toronto, Ontario

My husband and I were shopping our three children. Two sons four and five.

One daughter nine. My four year old son got lost and my husband went to notify the people at customer service. They made an announcement that described the four year old who was lost. You know one of those code adams.

I was closer to the returns desk and went to get my child when they asked for the parent to return that the child has been found. They refused to give my son to me. They told me that only the person who reported the child missing could claim the child. To make matters worse they treated me like it was I who was the kidnapper.

My son wanted some action figures which I refused to buy him. In turn when the associate asked if I was his mother no, I don't know this person. They asked if he knew who I was and he said no. Either he did not know how to answer the question or he lied to say that I was not his parent because I refused to make the purchase.

This was embarrassing as I looked like a kidnapper. They wanted proof that this was my child.(a birth certificate, ect.) Who carries a birth certificate. My husband who made reported the child missing came to the desk later, and confirmed I was the mother.

They apologized and said that they had to keep the child until the person making the report of a child came to retrieve the child. Who is the kidnapper here I ask, you who refused to return my son to me, or me who was just trying to get my son back

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If my kid said I was not his mother I would be so furious I would have to go for counseling to keep me from slapping him around when we got home. I have never hit my child ever but this story made my blood boil.

What could be going on in that home to make a kid say such a thing?

This kid needs counseling and the parents need parenting education ASAP this kid is this manipulative for a toy? You may be raising a sociopath so please get some counseling befor you find yourself on TV


What would you have done if they turned your child over to any woman who walked up and claimed to be his mother? You would have gone crazy.

Give Walmart employees some credit for trying to protect YOUR child which YOU were too busy to watch.


Those locations don't always work. Many people have said that the tracker sometimes puts them in a different provience or state, and sometimes even get their county wrong.

Just look at Veganchica posts, some say Toronto, some New York and some Texas and one even said England.

Not to mention we have had complaints from people in different proviences in Canada about companies that does not exict in Canada, such as Kmart and Target, do don't go by that. Yeah I am from Toronto, but sometimes it shows up my locations for different states and I have never been to the US ever.


Dang girl! Lock them kids in the car while you shop!

Thats how I do it and have only had the pigs called once by walmart! I threw a fit myself but man lock em in that car.


Another Walmart complaint involving a child and coming from Toronto. This has me thinking that the complainant a troll.


These locations can be fabricated. Just probably from someone whom like most Americans hate Canada. No wonder we are at war with them?


I agree they handled this wrong and should have handed the child to anyone who said he was their son. They should change their policy and just give the child to anyone that claims them. Even if the person who is claiming the child is theirs is a kidnapping *** who was recently featured on America's Most Wanted with connections to three other missing children.


You should be happy the policies like that are in place to keep your child safe. I know it can be frustrating, especially when you're in a hurry, but there are a lot of psychotic people in this world. Be thankful, not frustrated


This is the most ridiculous complaint I have ever heard. Walmart was in the right. The child can only be returned to the person who made the claim for safety reasons. Imagine a mother loses her son inside of walmart while a crazy ex husband was stalking them? By your standards daddy can go claim the child just because he says yes that's my dad.

Also, you are upset that they wouldn't give him to you when he even said that he's not your son????

This is why people are so afraid to help a lost child. I've heard so much of this bs that I have passed by many a crying child in a store because I don't want to be the brunt of this BS.


You kinds of people are the reason why corporations make their employees so scared of helping a lost child. I work as a manager for one of the most popular theme parks in the US and I'd encounter a child who lost their parent at least once every two days.

We have so many rules about what we can say and do to them, what we can give them if they're hungry, and how we can interact with them that I hear complaints from guests that lost children have been treated very coldly by employees. Yes, they have, because lawyer-happy parents want convenience AND DEFCON 1-like safety at the same time!

@Kid Friendly

When the parents threaten to call their lawyers, you threaten to call CPS because the neglected and abandoned their child that should shut them up.


Same thing happened to me, only my sister was the one who was closest to the customer service desk and I was the one who made the claim. My sister wasn't upset in the slightest they wouldn't hand my daughter over to her even though my daughter knew who she was.

In fact, my sister thanked them and simply waited patiently for me to get from the back of the store back to the front (in total maybe a minute or two, tops, though it felt like an eternity to me) and just kept telling my daughter that I was on my way to help keep her calm.

In my opinion, Walmart made the right call as I would have really freaked out if I had gotten to the front of the store only to discover that my child wasn't there as they'd said she was. Completely responsible on their part and I frankly don't understand why you're so upset.


Thank goodness Walmart didn't turn your son over to you. Especially since he said you weren't his mom.

I don't care why he said it, they were making sure he was returned to the person who made the claim. I say good job to Walmart. Sorry you felt bad.

But FAR BETTER for Walmart to protect the child till they could truly identify the parent! I would be happy by all this.

John N

Sort of like when you go to the banque to withdraw some cash and the teller asks you for identification. People get mad and resent it, because the teller is supposed to know who they are.

But, it is for your protection, so someone does not take out your money. But, people feel like crooks having to prove who they are.

Even tho Walmart is populated by mostly unemployable elseware people and they could care less about customer service, in this one instance they did the right thing. Now, if they could only learn how to provide adequate customer service----------


just because you know who your son is and that you are in fact his mother doesn't mean that the walmart employees know. they were doing their job and they did a good job of it. i think it'd be best if you took a step back and realize that they were doing you a favor.


So Walmart should have handed him over to just anybody who came back there to claim him? You're upset about this? Get a life lady.


It sounds like they were just trying to be responsible. You should be thankful. If your son said that he didn't know who you were, it's totally reasonable for them to not want to release him to you.