Update by user Dec 13, 2014

Like i said before my complaint has been resolved so don't waste your time reading the comments there is some kid named Kevin Richards that like to start *** on people's page, by pretending he is the person that wrote the complaint and says lies, then starts a bunch of drama, pretty much abuses this site. Then when he gets called out on it he throws a temper tantrum.

He should be kicked off this site... So I have a new complaint. People who abuse sites.

I just started using this site and will be deleting my membership as soon as I post this... If you want a laughter read on you can read all of his "cry time"

Update by user Nov 30, 2014

This issue was resolved the next day I talk to Walmart and there was not a recall on the TV they had to pull the TVs off the shelf in order to have them be available for the one hour black Friday deal.. It was the main office that made unavailable in the computer for them to sell they apologized for the inconvenience.

and they will be giving me a TV either the Emerson 50 inch TV or another 50 inch TV for the sale price... And I think some of the people who commented on here I rude and disrespectful and shouldn't be using the site...

Original review posted by user Nov 28, 2014

I was in line cashing out at the Sanford ME Walmart buying the 50" Emerson TV Black Friday deal for $218. The cashier was trying to ring it in and it wouldn't scan (the person that cashed out before me had the same TV) when two Walmart workers came and took it out of my cart and started walking away with it with no explanation.

When I asked what they were doing the assistant manager (Flo) said that there was a recall and they couldn't sell it to me then walked off through a door. While I had 4 kids all confused and crying because they took our tv away. I waited for her to come out, to find out what was going on since they took off with our TV. She said didn't know what the recall was for and until she did she couldn't sell the TV.

Which is totally understandable I don't want a TV that is just going to break on me. So I mentioned that they might want to remove the display of 20 or so TV's still on the floor. She said they were working on it. I asked her if I could get a rain check so if they were able to resolve the situation I could come back and get it.

That wasn't an option she said. The options she gave me was they could sell me a different 50" TV for $698, she could take my number and call me if she hears anything, or i could wait because she was going to make a call to one of the main offices to find out more info. I said no problem I would wait, (we live out of town and it would just be easier). So she went back through that same office door and that was the last time I saw her.

A HOUR AND A HALF LATER I was done waiting I had asked the gentlemen at the desk to get her (Flo) because I've been waiting and wanted to know what was happening. Instead looking for her he just told me there was nothing they could do to help me. It would of been nice to have known that instead of waiting, or maybe he could of at least asked Flo if she could do anything. Nope I asked if I could AT LEAST leave my number so if she ever came out with any news she could call me.

He said he would but they wouldn't be able to help me. First you take my TV out from my cart w out even an explanation, then leave me waiting for almost 2 hours... Down right disrespectful wasting someone's time, and if there is a recall remove them from the floor.. They were so rude, I was appalled and realize my one little voice probably be heard, but I was fine with being patient so see if there was going to be a resolution.

They left me and my kids just sitting there and forgot about us... Very very disappointed!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $219.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Management, Long waits, Service, Lack of stock.

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All trolls aside. Why would someone ever take there four children to Walmart to purchase a big ticket item like a TV?

It also sounds like she took these four children to Walmart on "Black Friday". That seems like the worst time for anyone to brave Walmart.

Recently we purchased two 55" TV's from Costco, and did the sane responsible thing...hired a babysitter for the two children. How can you compare and contrast different models and price points with four distracting children in tow!


I have read the replies from you and Kevin and both of you are throwing temper tantrums. He is a teenaged boy, what is your excuse.


People are missing the MAIN point. Why the *** do you need a new TV.

Does it control your whole life. it's just a tv, get over it.

better point, run your fat as* up and down the street and get healthy and avoid spending your welfare money for a bypass heart surgery. *** TVs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is ***. Kevin Richards is a troll who enjoys harassing people online.

Quit feeding the troll. Every time you respond to him, he is going to come back at you with some cruel remark.


I just want to call the OP out on how she mistreats her children that is all.


Kevin Richards can you please stop posting negative comment about me. Every time I read them I want to make my children feel bad about themselves so I call them bad names and that makes me feel bad afterwards.

Sometimes I want to physically strike at them and hurt them. Please stop. I cannot take it anymore.

I don't want to hurt my kids to make myself feel better. I will be deleting my membership from this site because I don't want you to make me harm my children




Why do people pretend to be other people like this?? The name is in black, proving its a fake profile, proving that this isn't the OP.

Kevin Richards is harassing her making up different names like Emily. People like this should be shot or put on an island and get bombed.

I think this is one of the most pathetic things I've seen on this site. Kevin Richards is a loser!!!

@Richards is a loser

Funny how you and the OP have the same writing style, even if you are not the OP you are foolish. The OP is Emily, she thought she would use that name to make it look like people are supporting her and gave herself away by using the wrong account, anyone over six knows this so I guess the real loser is you.


Emily, I think that you really need some kind of counseling because it sounds like you have an anger issue. This sounds like child abuse to me.


OK, only if you promise to use birth control in the future. Treaty signed then, peace out.


You are the one that is crying because I am telling you off for this.


yeah keep lying honey, you are the one making those posts about abusing your children for attention.


Haha another baby temper tantrum... Cry baby cry!!!

ok shows how much you know I've never been married!!! Blahahaha... Another reason your a fake looser... I thought I did get off this site but for some reason I'm still on...I don't have time to waste like you...

Little advise... Get a different hobby, like a job or a life...


You have never been married, so you are a sl*t who cannot keep her legs crossed. You are calling me all sorts of names and you expect me to believe you never made that post about not calling your children names.

Bet you are on WIC. The fact that you keep replying shows you just like to spread your legs and get money from the government. I am not the one throwing a baby tantrum, your children are the ones crying because they did not get a stinking television set. Why not get a job yourself, spreading your legs for money is not a job.

You are nothing but a child abuser, you verbally abuse your own children, you verbally abuse those online. Frankly I don't care,


Yeah you are showing just how smart you are...I guess you missed the whole part of me working in child care, and so some of my kids from my child care group, one is 2 years old and my one daughter. My one daughter who I adopted because her father was one of my best friends who died fighting over seas. You really have some issues...


And for a guy who doesn't care you sure don't show it by being obsessed with my wall...


Kevin Richards please keep you comments to yourself. No it's not me posting comments, about you.

Whoever it has showed you that just because the name is there in black that its not always coming from the person you think, and when you are the person they are talking about it sucks.. For all i know this could be having a full conversation w yourself. I know there are people out there that lie and do this and that blah blah blah... But I didn't I am sorry if you don't understand it.

I never called my self a book editor... But every time i rewrote what happened it makes sense to me and even others explained it to you. So please stop wasting yours and my time and leave me and stop leaving childish posts on my wall just leave it alone. You and others have already ruined the whole original point about the tv...

It's just as sad that there are people out there that would do the things like what had been posted as there are people that would write about treating a child horribly like it was a joke.

There is something seriously wrong with that person.

Unless you have an apology, please take your childish comments else where.. It will be really sad if you are rude after this so think before you write...


I have low self esteem and I like to beat up six year old kids that is why I keep calling everyone six years old. I may be 16 but I am a coward that is why I make up posts pretending that I am the OP and I abuse my children.

My mom called me names so I beat up six year old. I want to apologize to the OP and all the people I offended right after I beat up another six year old. I am also angry because I got beat up by a eight year old GIRL. I am embarrassed this is why I am harassing the OP.

It makes me feel better. I feel good harassing people online because I will never meet them.

Thanks for allowing me to get this off my chest.

Kevin Richards.


haha, kevin, you ***. I cant believe you admitted all that. So funny.


King Alex,(possibly the OP) posted that, anyone who is over the age of six would be able to figure this out. Look at the location, both have the location Saskatchewan, obviously the OP changed the location when posing as King Alex and then forgot to change the location again to Orange California. She is supposed to be a mother, of course she will not admit this because she still does not admit she lie several times including when she said she said horrible things to her children.