Boyertown, Pennsylvania
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my one complaint about Walmart is ever hiring (if it's even true) the husband of MrsLea01. if he's even real, he's a piece of *** husband with a psycho wife.

MrsLea01, if you read this then I'll say it like I have before. you're a psycho *** not only do you complain about Walmart, you complain about every store and every food related place that you go to. and you call yourself a house wife but you do nothing but go on the computer and harass people at stores. or maybe your husband does work for home office?

but maybe he's also your ex husband and divorced you for trying to use his position so much. but now you're even more sick to the point where you think he's still around. get a grip, MrsLea and figure out why you're so crazy. and Walmart, do not let this insane woman in your store!

if you do, be prepared to have the red carpet, free food and products, drugs and a free meal for MrsLea on here way out. oh and a spare moment to hear about her janitor husband who will fire you if you don't wipe her *** for her.

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"IHateStupidCustomers" let me explain the situation better your head is so far up LadyScot's intestines when you pull it out all you can do is spew excrement. It appears you have so much more time than anyone else beside LadyScot since you have as many ignorant comments as she does. It is comical that you both are so bored with your own lonely lives that you both troll this website to attack and bash legitimate complaints.


"it's okay anonymous. I wouldn't expect someone with a hard on for MrsLea to think that this is a good post."

He better be careful I heard her Janitor husband Mr. Lea is jealous someone else is getting a hard on from his 500 pound wife.


it's okay anonymous. I wouldn't expect someone with a hard on for MrsLea to think that this is a good post.


S T U P I D post. :upset :upset :upset


Someone needs to seriously let walmart home office know about this crazy lady. It really should be the employees she harasses. Get some sweet justice for having to deal with this lady.