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My wife was banned from your Springdale Arkansas store, despite the fact that I work at Home Office. I am their boss and they have no right to ban her.

It is a shame that my coworkers agreed with the store manager when he banned her from the Springdale store. The reason he claimed he banned her was because she physically threatened employees, she got into fight with customers and was caught stealing tampons. I am a janitor at Home Office, but If I were one of the big shots I would have the manager fired for banning my wife when the workers are the ones who can't do their job right. One time she was in a rush and she wanted to go into the 10 items or less line with a buggy full.

They refused to allow this even though they told her that I work at Home Office.

Also she keeps claiming she is impersonated and changes the locations of her posts. Right now as I am typing this I don't know where my location will be, it could be London, England, Germany, Toronto, Spain, Mars, who knows what location she changed our ISP to now, besides we have tons of cell phones which I "borrowed" from my job at Home Office and they are from different locations around the world and give different ISP addresses.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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MustangMark, there is no Bernie LEA. This poster is using my husband's first name and pretending to be him.

What he doesn't seem tI understand is that my first name is Lea. I am not going to put my last name on here(which is the same as his of course).


Well let's see... I'm taking things at face value, so don't jump on me....

First Bernie says he's the managers' boss, then he says he's a janitor.... so if he is their boss ashe says... they must clean the toilets with toothbrushes.... if i had a customer like Mrs.

Lea and i was a district/regional manager I would make sure she was banned from all my stores.... (refuse service... you know)... so if there is a mrs lea, i would say to you, grow the F+U+C+K up you F+U+C+K+I+N+G B+I+T+C+H...

the world does not revolve around you... i'll tell you if i was a cashier and knew who you were and saw you coming, i would turn off my light and go to the bathroom and take a huge you in the toilet.... this is what the entitlement society gives us...

i bet you try to claim for food stamps and drive a BMW/LEXUS?CADILLAC....i'm tired of seeing your lame *** whining... sho stfu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bernie is a loser. I bet he'shomosexual because of Lea.


Or maybe your husband is too scared for you to find out that he posted this. Whatever it is not me.


Or maybe your husband is too scared for you to find out that he posted this. Whatever it is not me.


That isn't my husband, genius. It is you, Jedi.


Even if you can't change the location your husband did admit to stealing or in his words borrowing cell phones from home office and typing from one of those stolen or borrowed phones.


Oh yes, and my husband's last name isn't Lea either. That is my first name.


You can't change the location on here. Nice try, Jedi.