2510 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock, AR 72202, USA
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On June 28, 2017, around 8 pm we went to the Walmart at Hwy 10 & Cantrell in Little Rock, AR where we have shopped since it opened, It has run downhill lately very bad, I'm disabled & have to bend in pain over a cart. It took a long time to purchase almost $400 in stock up groceries as we expect company today, the checker was a trainee with no supervisor at his station, as she was talking to other employees.

Instead of hitting the pay button he zero'd out the transaction which meant I was going to have to have the entire cart rang up again by a supervisor & there was not one on duty, plus there were nails in the parking lot & the reason my husband had not come in is because he had run over them & they had caused a flat & he had to call an ER truck to come fix the tire, by that time, I was feeling faint, had to leave W/O THE GROCERIES & when I tried to call after we got home no-one would take my call. Is this what Walmart has come to? It was nightmare.

We shop there at least once a week since they opened but NO MORE! And the manager should be fired!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $395.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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About time to shop elsewhere. Really, Walmart is not known for any semblance of good customer service. Spend a few cents more but shop where they value you as a customer.


Well, if the second person to comment on this is lucky enough to reach an old age, you will see it's not as easy for others as it may be for you. Also, every time I've been to ANY Walmart they have either been out of carts or they have not been charged to use.

Yes, it is the employee's and manager's DUTY (in their job description) to solve the customer's problems/complaints. What do you think they should get paid for just standing around twiddling their thumbs and chit chatting with the other workers? And if you knew how to read you would see she hadn't paid for the groceries at that point, she was going to have to wait for the cashier to re-ring the whole kit and kaboodle! And what's your brilliant excuse for her not getting to talk to a manager?

Yes, it is the store, the cashier, and the manager's responsibility to treat the customer right and fix the situation since the customer is the reason that these people have a job in the first place.

ONLY some ENTITLED *** who condones and treats others with so much disdain and disrespect would side with the employee in this instance. You must be a cashier at Walmart...surprise, surprise!!


I'm going to point out that it is people like you who carry the "entitlement" badge parading it around for all to see. As if you are so far superior to even be in a position to make judgments about what's in someone's job description.

I'm sure you live in your nice well-manicured home and treat people so well and like the good person you are then discuss their business with others in a condescending judgmental superior way behind their back that surely even Christ himself would approve of. Right?

I take issue with anyone leaving anything at a retailer and expecting it to be held or given some preferential treatment that others are not given. Hey things happen, heart attacks, strokes, etc.

etc. But this whole story about flat tires from nails, to re-ringing, to getting faint, to leaving groceries sounds very far fetched for many of us "regular" people.

You absolutely have no right to judge anyone just like I judged you because I don't have all the facts, but when you get to a certain age in life and experience the worst in people you begin to understand how people like you appear. I'm pretty sure I'm not far off in my analysis of you.


I'm not sure you're telling the truth. If there was so much pain, if there were people coming to see you the day after, any reasonable person would not leave their groceries there. They would demand it get fixed right then and there.


You say in your response to this person's complaint post "if there were people coming to see you the day after", where exactly did you see that in her post?? Just curious? Because I've read the original post twice now and can not see her making that statement anywhere.


So you are claiming you left without groceries you had paid for? That's your problem.

An employee made an error - they are human in case you weren't aware - and I'm sure someone there was able to re-ring. If you have so much trouble walking around a store and using a cart, then you need to get a wheelchair or something (perhaps the many that they provide right there at Wal-mart for free?) as this is not the employees problem.

Entitlement is very ugly.


And having no compassion for someone disabled/elderly/less fortunate than yourself is the very height of entitlement...hmmm, entitlement is very ugly indeed.