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I went shopping today 10/11/14 at the 1955 store in Rockford Illinios, and that has got to be the most disorganized, dirty, no help store I have shopped at.... Dirty, no one wanted to help !

You ask a question and they don't know.... I went to the Electronics Dept. and wanted to ask questions about some IPads to a lady back there I think was the Manager back there and all I got was the side of her head.. She was looking down an isle like she was trying to find something...

I told her you know what you go ahead and do whatever your looking for I'll ask someone else ! Then I had to go back to the photo dept. to get help, well even though I was pretty upset I went ahead and bought 2 IPads... I don't think they would have cared if I'd waked out and went across the street to buy them..

I SHOULD HAVE.... I'm mad at myself I didn't......................................................................

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Next time just be sure to bring your red carpet and crown with you so that every one will know just how important you are and they can be sure to help you before any of the other customers that were there before you. Expecting them to stop what they are doing for another customer is just narcissistic, rude, and immature. Just wait your turn like all the other whites, Indians, blacks, Mexicans, etc.

First Born Triplet

***, I always forget my crown at home when I go shopping, perhaps that is why I have to wait my turn like everyone else.

@First Born Triplet

That is quite some language from a king or prince. Are you not supposed to have respect for your subjects and not use such language? I mean it is okay for you to demand to go first and not wait your turn, you cal always have anyone not obeying your authority boiled in oil or beheaded and hung, however you have an obligation to use proper language when dealing with your subjects.

King Alex

PS I too often forget my crown at home, but I usually have my servants doing the shopping for me, and tell them if they are not served first and are forced to wait their turn to email me right away and I will come to the store and personally boil anyone in oil who does not obey my commands.


Not to mention the manager that refused to help me is racist, she had no problem helping the white people and she did not help me. She did not help me until AFTER she found the item for the white people on the shelf she was looking at. They may have been first, but it would have taken longer for her to help them than to answer my question, she was simply more interested in the white customers than me.(Indian)


To imply that she is racist because she didn't ignore the white customers (who were first) and help you instead, is just racism on your part.


Oh, I see you troll a lot of peoples posts just to stir it up. Sad and pathetic. Get a life, dude.

First Born Triplet

Maybe it is a troll, however who knows, a lot of people cry racism for silly things, mostly because they did not get what they wanted. If this is the case, for the OP, this is not racism, you have to wait your turn like everyone else.

If you read some of the actual reviews, you would see people cry racism because they were not allowed a return without a receipt. One even cried racism because her daughter was picked up for shoplifting, it turns out she was shoplifting however the claimed that she would not have been watched if she were white.