Yuma, Arizona
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Walmart at 16thst and Ave B Yuma Az 83654, the Produce there is old nasty , how can that be on the shelf, it is a disgrace that store and someone needs to look in to it. the commercial that is out about fruit vegetable being fresh, that is a lie in that store and it is always like that.nasty nasty nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!there is nothing else to say except that I want shop . lots of the people that work there need to also be told to learn English

my big complaint though is the produce, if they advertise fresh they should have to ,it is only this store on 16th and ave B.

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I shop at Walmart because of their lower prices on some items; however, it is only because of the competitive pricing and absolutely no other reason.

I grocery shop, but refuse to buy ANY produce at Walmart. I have noticed tiny insects flying around their onions, dirty looking lettuce, over-ripe bananas and lemons that are discolored and very soft.

If this were only our local Walmart, I wouldn't comment; however, as I have a job which enables continental travel, I have noticed this at most other Walmart stores.

What's funny is that they now have a commercial on t.v. about how 'fresh' their produce is! Ummmm...*wink*....right!