Lexington, North Carolina
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The first time I experienced a problem at my local Wal-Mart on Lowes Blvd. in Lexington NC, was in early June of this year! I had roughly $70 on my DEBIT card, and checked amount before I went into Wal-Mart to buy my groceries for the weekend. When we were done checking out the total was approximately $61.00. I pushed the DEBIT button on the card reader and it DECLINED my purchase as a mis-match, The lady operating the register explained that I was trying to use a CREDIT card and put it through as DEBIT! I was amazed considering my card says DEBIT on the front! To get out of this store with my groceries I told her to run it credit. (At this time I just wanted to go home with my groceries!) When she ran it through as credit, it only approved $48.00 of the $61.00 needed to make the purchase. She then directed me to Customer Service!

When I arrived at customer service I was met by three Wal-Mart employees! (All standing together like they were gonna defend their store!) They explained that since I screwed up there was NOTHING they could do for me! Except a lady named Theresa with two black eyes told me I mite have some money on hold like from a gas purchase!

When I left the store ( from the parking lot ) I called my DEBIT card company! I reported the $48.00 that was put on my card as a fraudulent transaction, because I walked out with NOTHING! Also found that I had NO HOLDS on my account for any other purchase!

I went to FOOD LION just down the road and used the money that Wal-Mart just told me I did not have on my account to buy groceries for the weekend! I am so glad FOOD LION could use my DEBIT CARD or three people in my house would not have been able to eat that weekend, that includes my child! THAT MAKES ME ANGRY!!!

Wal-Mart complaint line took my complaint 3 times before calling me back! This call was supposed to come from a regional manager, instead it came from the shipping manager at the Lexington store! He offered me a $20 gift card for my problem to go away! ( I told him to keep the $20, if they couldn't get NCR right they would need that $20 more than me!) He also informed me that the NCR problem was a regional problem that will not be fixed until mid August.

SO if Wal-Mart has this problem I can't for the life of me figure out why they do not inform anyone, including their register operators about this problem! If you use a DEBIT card at Wal-Mart be prepared for the backlash that follows!!!

Monetary Loss: $48.

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What else did you want as compensation? Technology happens.

And you can't blame the employees if they did not know about the problem. As far as they know it is an issue with your card and they can't force an amount into the register just because YOU say it is on there, are they supposed to just take your word for it?

And what does the girl having black eyes have anything to do with it?


Also, you claim in your post that you are out $48.. how are you out $48 if you went to another store?


Robert Tilton- Also did you complete reading and math or do you just not understand due to pure stupidity? If you read the complaint, and comprehend, you could do the math!!!

Had $70 on my DEBIT CARD WITH NO HOLDS, SUBTRACT the $48 they fraudulently charged my card for LEAVES $22 to go to FOOD LION and buy groceries until my card dispute settled!!!

After all the math I HAD $22 LEFT!!! to take elsewhere!!!

Hopefully my math skills helped you :zzz


Robert Tilton- What did I want in return for being embarrassed, and intimidated by Wal-Mart? Not a thing!

You must work for that *** company to remain anonymous!

They offered me a $20 gift card but when they *** you off to the point where you won't shop there anymore I guess they really offered me nothing!!!

When this company embarrasses you at a check out line, tries to intimidate you, and mess with your pride! DON"T BE PISSED THANK WAL-MART YOU ***!!!!!