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I got off my shift at 6 this morning and stopppped off at my local Wal-Mart. I was reaching for the brussel sprouts in the produce section and slipped and fell on the floor.

There was no one around so I had no choice but to scream for help. No one heard me for about seems like a whole hour. Another customer came by and saw me and helped me. When an associate did come to help I was ready to just start throwing brussel sprouts at him.

I could of died lying there all of that time. I cannot believe there was no one saw me and heard me in a store.

Wal mart employees are negligent. They need good whippings all of them.

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it's not a store's responsibility to look out for people that fall. I mean it's not like they walked by and laughed at you for falling.

but on a more serious note, MsLea really needs to stop posting under so many different profiles. she (or he) really has nothing better to do.

Ridiculous story as well as bad language skills.
If you are unable to spell correctly you should not post anything.
Don't you have anything better to do with your time?
You sound like one of those people with disability stickers on their car obtained on the black market.
And one of those people with an entitlement mentality but you probably don't even know what that means anyway.

let me guess.........

You are the incompetent. one if you cannot even walk without falling.

Maybe you would be more stable in walking if you laid off the booze early in the morning. Or shop when you are sober.


People fall all the time. Only p*ssies lie there and yell for help.

Get up, dust yourself off, and get over yourself. You're a clumsy asswipe.

It's not Walmart's fault, it's yours. Now shut up.


Who said I suing the store? I just think it is ridiculous that I laid there helpless for that long of a time in a public shopping place.

It isn't busy at all at 6:30 in the morning at my Wal-mart either, but still somebody should have came by a lot sooner.

Plus they have cameras in the store. Wal employees are incompetent.


You have anger issues, which probably lead to your own fall. First, you "chunked" cabbage in the dairy section because no one wanted to get to your special milk, and now you're getting ready to throw brussel sprouts at someone who was coming to help you.

Is it just me, or is there an extra dose of *** in the water in Springdale, Arkansas?

Look at the fine list of people who have emerged from that location: MrsLea01, blackdontcrack, and Deadgumbit. All three of those users are "dead" from the neck up.


Watch where the *** you're going. You're that helpless you can't get up?

Seriously? I can barely walk, and even I can get up when I fall.


Troll, I doubt that you would have been on the floor for a whole hour at a busy store like Walmart. You are either making this up for a false lawsuit or you are posting this for attention, or both.


dam and my mother always told me brussel sprouts were good for ya. dam near broke this ladies hip

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