Redding, Connecticut

I am a loyal customer of wal-mart and handicapped. I trade in the Danbury Store. There were four carts there originally, now down to two that are in very bad condition and fail when in use in the store. I have complained to the store and they informed me that they are unable to address the problem and that the solution rests with the main office. Aside from the inconvenience of a cart stopping and having to be pushed up to the front of the store there could be other ramifications.

Fred V. Miller Sr 98 Picketts Ridge Road West Redding, Ct 06896

I look forward to your attention in this mattyer.

Simncerly F.V.M.

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I Know Fred Miller and he is an incredable person and Im sure raised a great famly,so why blame the handicapped. If he needs something to allow him an easier experience at the store where he is contributing to their profit!!

How horable are you to say"Go get a motorized wheelchair" Do you know how many handicapped peope can't afford them? Also I supose when they fall in the store it's their fault too? Have some compassion!!

The Big Companies are the only ones getting rich!! Ateast they can be sure they are handicapped accessable,which is the law.


if you are handicap why dont you buy your own riding car instead of using the ones at walmart!! if there are never none available buy your own...its not that hard walmart does not care about your problems if they did they would have address your problem...


Where I work people take the motorized carts outside and then back over them. Then they complain about the lack of motorized carts.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #294342

most handcaped people who shop are fat *** no wonder the carts are broken cant take their weight.

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