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I was taking my four year old niece shopping. While I was shopping my niece wondered off. I quickly panicked and alerted the greeter that my niece was lost. She announced over the pager that my niece was lost. Any one could have kidnapped my niece since this *** announced that she was lost. I know they had a code name for it. "Code Adam." She said that this was their policy of lost children. This is a *** policy as anyone can look for an unattended child and kidnap them.

Then later another greeter came from her lunch break claiming that she thinks she remembered my niece leaving the store. She did not say anything because she thought that my niece was leaving with someone else and thought that she was their child. She remembered the clothng details that were mentioned over the page.

What kind of greeter do you have that would allow a child to leave with another couple. What if they were perverts. Also I remember that this greeter was standing there when I came in with my niece. Is she such an *** that she could not remember that I was the one that came in with the child. The other couple were a childless couple. They could have easily have kidnapped my niece and claimed she was their child. To top it off the Rent-A-Cop security told me to watch my daughter. I told him that it was not my daughter it was my NIECE. What kind of security guard is he if he did not even know the relationship between this child and myself.

I think that for the trouble and stess that you have caused me that I am entitled to a $100 gift card. I will be reporting the two greeters neglent attitude towards the authorities and having them charged with child neglences. I am a registered nurse and If I were careless in my work I would have been fired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Really, you think a greeter is going to remember everyone that comes into the store? With the number of people in and out of the store, it's ridiculous to think someone is going to remember who came in with who, who left with who, etc.

When there is a lost child, a Code Adam is called....employees begin looking around their areas for a child matching the description that is being paged. They used to lock the front doors, but that I believe is no longer done....instead, the doors are watched for anyone matching the child's description. And you think someone is going to know the relationship between you and the child? Did they call out it was your niece missing (I've never been in one where the relationship between the child and the person reporting the lost child has been made over the paging system)?

And besides, not everyone may have heard all of the page...or even remembered all of it.

They'd be concentrating on the description being given. Ultimately, it's your responsiblity to watch a child that's with you....not the store's responsibility.


So... YOU lost your niece, and you are mad at Walmart?

First, these are WALMART greeters! Enough said. They see thousands of people walking in the door, and you expect them to remember which child came in with which adult?! Now you want money because you're mad!

You should thank God you found the child safe! I wouldn't let MY kid go anywhere with you. P.S. It's NEGLIGENCE/NEGLIGENT!

A nurse who can't spell... hope I don't get sick in your town.


It's unbelievable how much venom was spewed at the initial complainer about her lost neice. It IS the job of the greeter and every other store employee to contact th store manager so a Code Adam can be announced immediately.

It is also the responsibility of assigned persons to go the the exits and watch for the lost child. Unfortunately, while in 2003 US Congress passed legislation making a “Code Adam” program compulsory in all federal office buildings it does NOT mean the store must close doors or ask people not to exit until the child is found.

The part of Wal-Mart's bragging about being the first to instate Code Adam (who knows if that's true or not?) it is a MYTH they do every thing they could to keep the child from leaving the store.


First off complainant265 law enforcement can not help you with the whole child neglence thing because they were not in charge of the child you were. Second, my wife is a registered nurse and all of the nurses that i know that work with her are a *** of alot more responsible than you are with their kids or other kids that they look after, and they hold them selves to a lot higher standard than you apparently do. Third and for most you are a *** *** for loosing your niece and you should be locked up for child neglect.


Wow lady, you are worse than LUIS SORO...

I cant decide whether you are really a registered nurse who just happens to also be a crazy lady with serious mental problems... or if your just some loser who likes to come onto here just to get a rise out of everyone else.

I dont know which is worse


type complaint265 in search engine. Youll see what she really is


wow wow wow. okay, first off- it was your fault that you lost your NIECE in the first place.

walmart is a big place and there's a lot of people that come in and out of the store. it's not the workers responsibility to watch out for every single person or to even remember what they look like. It is also not the security officer's job to know the relationship between the child and yourself. you are seriously deranged and i don't remember that you are a nurse.

either you are *** or this story is ***. remember- THE CHILD WAS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. you should have kept an eye on her in the first place, especially if she wasn't your own daughter.

you definitely win babysitter of the year.. not


This woman is obviously deranged by anyones standards she wants attention so badly she makes up these totally unbelievable stories trying to get people to rant at her so she feels important. NO way someone this ignorant or biggoted could keep a nursing job!!!


Yes, blame other people that didn't even do any harm for your own stupidity. Someone could have kidnapped her anyways... After all, because you weren't watching her, she was missing. What kind of aunt would not keep an eye on their niece or nephew?

Do you know everyone that walks by you and who they're possibly related to? I didn't think so. Maybe if you would treat other people with respect then you would get the same respect. I'm a employee there and I know for a fact that all of us are human beings.

And if they were so careless... I guess they had no reason to call a code adam.


:grin Your sibling must be *** for letting her child go with someone who will not watch her!

Walmart announces it and after the announcement *no one* is allowed to leave the store. Period.

Instead of whining and complaining because you expect others to remember every single person out of the 1000 that walk into the store, how about you just watch the *** child?

How *** can you get? :grin


I am not a sexually frustrated teenager, infact I am not even 12 yet.


growup complain has two children and has written several letters. She uses her children to get free stuff and in one case even harmed them for free stuff. She is divorced and calls her husband a bad parent when by her letters she is worse.


Code Adam is a national program, and has been beneficial in returning many lost children to their caregivers. Most people take responsibility for their actions though when their child (niece in your case) gets away from them; they usually do not blaim others for their stupidity.

I have never either heard of such a ridiculous claim, that the security guard should remember everyone who walks through the door. Do you remember even 5 of the people you passed today on the street? What the were wearing?

How they were related to the person they were walking with? If you make so much G** D*** money you would not be asking for all these freebies!

And no I am not a sexually frustrated teenager, so I will save you the typing you ***!


complaint265 - I hope you don't have children and the parents of your niece wiseup. RN's have good salaries - but for you to say "I make tons of money" COME - ON!!!

I can't speak to whether you actually EARN the "tons" of money as an RN - but you don't deserve anything from Wal-Mart. In fact you may be one cusumer that they would gladly decline further business. Maybe Nieman-Marcus or Macy's provides child care for you to go spend your "tons" of money.

From someone who feels very lucky after what I even consider a worse mistake than yours - I still find you a pathetic individual that needs to own your own actions. Give it some thought.


complaint265 - you are amazing!!! Take some ownership and be a responsible caregiver to any child you have agreed to take care of.

Who cares what the relationship was?!! She was your responsibility - nobody elses.

Many years ago I lost sight of my 5 year old daughter in Tiajuana of all places. It was probably about 3 minutes until is saw a lady (my angel) holding her hand and the first thing she said is I wasn't going back across the border until I fould this child's mother. After 18years that experience still is horrible to think about and the unbearable guilt I would still be living with today had something happened to her.

Don't get me wrong, I do live with guilt, because i failed in my responsibility as a mother.

One of the best lessons in my life. Something can happen so quickly - as adult caretakers we simply cannot take a trip to Tiajuana or a stroll through Wal-Mart lightly.


It might be wise to use the gift card you may receive to purchase some phonics/spelling workbooks. The word is spelled "negligent." I suppose grammar and a 6th grade ability to spell aren't required to be an RN.

I hope you don't actually have to write anything that has some level of importance for your patients. Good luck!


And apparently a retard would award you a degree in nursing... if you can't keep up with your own niece, I can't imagine how the *** you could keep up with patients and the fast pace of being a nurse.

I will pray for those you touch....... :upset


We all know that it is absolutely totally up to the Wal-Mart greeter to memorize every single person who comes in the store, who they were with, and what they were wearing. And the security guard should automatically know the relationship of the child to the adult.

Parents , Aunts, Grandparents, etc., lose all resposibility as soon as they cross the threshold into Wal-Mart. I bet she is the mom whose kids are running around screaming and she doesn't even pay attention.

Interesting that she keeps mentioning how much money she makes as an RN, but she sure wants free stuff quite often. :p :grin


:zzz not that i am saying walmart is good at all but I do know that with a code adam you are never to release the childs name. you are to announce a missing child and what he or she was wearing and the parent/gardian is to go to the service desk while ALL employee's stop what they are doing and look for the child. Also all door greeters are to lock there doors and tell all customers they are sorry but untill the child is found no one can leave the building.

All though I would also like to point out as a new mother who and also a retail worker. I hate when I see mothers in the store and there children wondering around aimlessly with no mind in the world and then those mothers want compensation when there children come up missing. You should thank those who stoped to look for your child. We shouldnt have to. You should keep an eye on your child...neice or not not she is your reponsability. Try keeping your child in the cart and also sitting down so they don't topple over and out and crack their head on the floor.

Thank you.


retailer4life you have no right calling me a retard just because you are in retail and are unhappy. I have earned my education.

I have a degree in nursing. Would a retard allow me a degree in nursing?

I think not.

Ghostbuster- Grow up, are you some sexually frustrated teenager.