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Update by user Sep 19, 2018

Purchased the necessary part and replaced it myself, I still feel ripped off seeing that Walmart will never have to replace my TV and I've paid them to do so. After switching the board I realized how self serviceable TV's are these days, the warranty wasn't even needed just needed to use my braid and stop being lazy & relying on horrible service. I will continue to purchase my electronics from Best buy, I've never had a problem with them plus there's the geek squad :)

Original review posted by user Sep 17, 2018

Purchased a 4k TV January 18th of 2018 along with the protection plan. Seven months later I need to use that plan due to a power surge, but it's NEVER that simple with Walmart punkass.

I have had very little progress with the company because I don't have the original receipt. In 2018 there are a plethora of ways to verify my purchase within your facility, everyone acts as if they cannot reprint my receipt or find it even though it was through a debit card transaction which can be electronically traced. Long story short almost a month has gone by I have heard nothing about using my protection plan I'm warning everybody now do not purchase it!!

Stay away from horrible customer service like this, we work too hard to throw our money away. Walmart has stolen my money, I've paid for a service I never even received.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I repair electronics on my own and trust me it's not that hard. You should be able to repair your TV on your own.

Try YouTube for steps to diagnose your problem, make sure you pay attention to be sure not to mess your TV up.

Also you should go to your back and grab a statement on the day of the purchase as proof and get a refund for the protection plan you paid for, if there has been no service for what you paid for a refund is entitled to you. If they refuse take a further this is America.


All of you are trash, do you guys not understand what he is requesting which is a better customer service. Get off his back, after all he's right maybe they could go the extra mile to help a customer. More power to you man!!


Who cares


Not Walmart fault. Lesson learned.. Next


Like I previously stated, it's 2018 there's a plethora of ways to verify a purchase especially electronically nowadays so I will not give Walmart a full pass simply because I lost my receipt. Things happen people move, papers get misplaced, you forget about it. It's still within the year time frame so it's not like they were have to do a ton of digging long story short customer is always right i'm a pissed-off customer and understand I have the right to be pissed off as a customer I DO put it on Walmart because they are the ones who have to provide customer service.


How old are you? Obviously not an adult who doesn't feel they are old enough not to be babysat by someone else. People need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions and not expect someone else to be watching out for everything they do.


Walmart employee lol




I guess now I realize the importance of keeping up with your receipts


Did you bother reading the protection plan when you bought it. You will find that it tells you that you will need your receipt to file a claim.

A wise consumer would have stapled the receipt and a copy of the protection plan to the instruction manual and filed them away in a safe place. It isn't the responsibility of Walmart or any other retailer to keep track of your receipts for you.


Sounds like they have also "Lost Their Marbles"


You're saying you lost your receipt, always keep your receipt when you buy extended warranty. It's really not hard to keep a receipt. Honest.