Clermont, Florida
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My experience was HORRIBLE!!! First, my package was damaged by UPS and deemed un-deliverable.

They told us we have to contact the company (Walmart) to issue a new product. First we spoke to a Briana, who said she called the shipper and was told it would be on the truck for delivery the next day. When I called the UPS location, the supervisor was confused and said they never spoke with anyone. We asked to be transferred to a supervisor at Walmart, and were told we were speaking with a supervisor, Cory.

After the same run-around, we were supposed to be transferred to a manager. After several minutes on hold, the line was dropped. When we called back, we spoke with a Crystal who saw some notes on the account, but no record of any supervisor speaking with us... only two reps (the male's name was apparently Brandon).

When she checked the account, it was also noted that Briana contacted FedEx, not UPS. This made no sense. Crystal contacted UPS, but not the location we provided info for.

Finally, Crystal sent us to Blair at corporate, who contacted the correct person and did what should have been done in the first place. It is insane to me that I spent over 80 minutes of my family time and cell phone minutes dealing with this!

Especially, when Blair handled it in about 5 minutes. TERRIBLE way to handle our account. We have spent thousands with Walmart in the past couple of months ordering items for our house. This will be THE LAST ORDER.

I do not appreciate the run-around and being lied to by this Brandon, who identified himself as Cory R, the supervisor. Never had these problems with Amazon or Target. Never again! If not for my husband calming me down, we would return everything we have bought!

I HATE BEING LIED TO!!! Thank you to Blair, but it's too little too late.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Also if it were not for my husband calming me down my children would be in foster care again because there were already in foster care once. I took anger management classes and I would hate for Brandon to ruin all my hard work by making me take my anger out on my children because they did their going to bed delays.

Then my son who is four wet his bed. If it were not for my husband calming me down I would have hit him all because I am still angry at Brandon.


You need to grow up and stop blaming others taking your anger out on your children.