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I purchases Dell PC GX520. I received wrong product CX620 with defect.

I contacted Customer service three time then they replaced. I returned GX620. They shipped my order again. same thing again I received wrong product again.

I did complaint by feedback, I haven't get any answer. I have purchased 2 years warranty plan. I had to call three time to receive by email. So bad customer service.

I will never buy from walmart.com it is wasting of time and money.

If I have trouble to get my purchased product, how can I think about warranty?

I think walmart warranty is lost of money..

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When I order things off WalMart.com, and have to return an item I take it to the store to return it. You have to have all the packing materials and paperwork, but I have never had any problems doing this.

The only things you can't take to the store for returns are specialty items, where it states right online that it can't be returned to the store. Another thing, I never order appliances, or electronics online.

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