I went for the three interviews for the bakery department and they sent me to get the drug test and i had to wait for the background check to come back. I waited for a whole week and had my cell phone by my side at all times because i was excited to start work.

I did not here from wal mart so i called the store one week later and asked if my test results and back ground came back and they said every thing came back good. I asked why they did not get ahold of me and they said they did and set up orientation and i did not show up. I never was contacted. My son pulled the cell phone call records and there was no call from wal mart on there.

I called the store back and they him hawed around and i said i wanted to speak to the store manager and of course he was not there. Everytime i called he was not there. They gave my job to someone else. I think this is a rotten way of doing business by lying to people.

They said i could not apply for a job for another year. This is discrimination plain and simple.

Maybe i should contact a lawyer. drichards@yahoo.com

This was the store in Lake Havasu City, AZ

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Not true. You could always reapply and there again or GO and apply at another WalMart close by and you will see that this statement that was made is so not true. I speak from personal experience.


My name is jose 9092368678 pleas text and tell me if they evet called or what happened because my record and screen test came out good and they said there just waiting on the manger you think I should wait

to Anonymous #1238264

Call them and be persistent with them.


sounds like dummies in havasu. You can ask any manager there...is that your but or a hole in the ground and they will answer....uh..I don't know.

Orange, California, United States #906044

I was on your side until you claimed this was discrimination. Now I don't believe you are innocent.

It is possible you messed up and are blaming them? Your childish and immature behavior is probably why they did not hire you. What is a lawyer going to do? You have no case.

They have every right to hire whoever they want. Perhaps if you were not acting like a ten year old you would have had the job? It is your word against theirs about the calling for the orientation. My guess since you are claiming discrimination you are black.

Everything is discrimination to you guys. You don't get special treatment above others it is discrimination.

to KevinRichards Lakemont, Georgia, United States #970086

Why would you assume hes black now ur being childish at fact and every black person doesnt think that whmay HOW ABOUT YO STOP ASSUMMING CLOLR AND FOCUS ON THE ISSUE ... Walmart is the issue not race u childish ***

to Rae #1099905

Because 90 percent of the time when someone claims discrimination they are black. Common sense. But apparently if you read some of the replies there is more to this story, and it is obvious that this is not racism.

to KevinRichards #1238262

Why the hostilty man?!

Dinuba, California, United States #856027

Walmart is a *** store to work for I here and the hiring process is *** to. I've been waiting for my backround check to come back and every time I call they give me the run-aroun saying it didn't come back yet but I know it doesn't take three weeks for a backround check they should at least have the guts to say sorry hey you didn't get the job. Beware if your backround check is take more then a week you didn't get the job *** walmart all about target..........

to The loneranger #958173

Wrong kiddo, it takes several weeks for the background check to be cleared. They have not only you but others who applied for your job as well as other jobs.

They have to check with other states and kiddo that takes time.

Get your facts straight before you post. Ask your parents how things work before you make a foolish post.

to KevinRichards #984713

KevinRichards, what would you possibly know about how ANYTHING works? All you know about is coming to this website 24/7, to write childish, little boy comments!

to KevinRichards Wausau, Wisconsin, United States #1226830

Wrong kiddo. My background check cleared in less than 2 hours.

to KevinRichards Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1231981

back ground check for a gun is 15 minutes, so Kevin you are ignorant.

to The loneranger #992381

Try working for the government... talk about background checks....mine took a year

to The loneranger #1238267

Not always true. When I applied at the Wal-Mart in Irving they said it would take 3-5 days.

Well those 5 days passed and I called them on the 6th day to ask about my background check and they told me that they totally forgot to call me 4 days ago to tell me to come in for orientation and that I had gotten the job.

I think it's either the crappy personnel or they just plain forgot. Who knows?!

Douglassville, Pennsylvania, United States #549134

it's still a good idea to call, even if they haven't called yet, to show that you really want the job. and maybe they did try calling, you could have given them the wrong phone number or maybe your cell phone just didn't receive the call.

Livingston, New Jersey, United States #549057

After reading this, it is clearly total ignorance. For one you make no sense with the story.

Atleast if you wanted to complain, complain for a reason!!!!!!!

You clearly had issues that disqualified you from this job, so why make Walmart out to be the one in the wrong..... Looks like you need to grow up hun

to Ignorance #1238271

Yeah, well not everyone; whom may have had applied had a good experience. We all have been through a company who had crappy workers working for them who've had mistreated nice normal and calm people. Maybe we shouldn't judge by "What we do not know"!


You wonder why they gave your job away? They see you have a record of retail theft (Very surprised they even offered you a job after that.

Good luck anywhere else), they probably can see you sexually harassed an employee from the other employer. Plus, the fact you're going to chose a party "with a lot of hot girls" shows your employer that you see this job as a secondary aspect of your life, which translates poor attendance and a little to no dedication or appreciation in your work. You can blame yourself for dropping out of high school, and you can blame yourself for stealing at Target. Stealing is stealing, and you can apologize all you want, you are still in the wrong unlawfully taking items from your work place.

According to what you wrote, you are what, 25? At 24 you stole from target, and you have an 8 year old child!? Plus the worse part is you understand your consequences that opportunities are very scarce, especially with someone of your status.

But you can continue to blame the world for all of your problems, and be sure to blame me for a few. Good luck ever getting an opportunity with a corporation again, next time try not to steal, harass, or party, and maybe you could earn a minimum wage living.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #203918

I can sue Target though for giving me a criminal record instead of letting it go after I said sorry. This isn't trolling.

Just because my behavior is not the same as you would act does not make this a troll letter.

If you don't want to respond because you are a *** that is fine but let other's respond. Don't boss them around.

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