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Not only did it take 26 days to receive, the "night vision binoculars" were cheap cheezy with a little flashlight! No night vision capability AT ALL. Then I received the ladies black shirt.... it is the crapiest, see-through, wouldn't even use it to wipe bird *** off of my windshield garbage I have ever touched.

Return: HAAAA!!!! NOPE! These bastards have this so locked down. When you think you are ordering from Walmart with the typical, return to store or send back you get a BIG SURPRISE. Firstly you have to find the "return" policy on THOSE ITEMS on your receipt. Then you have to read some fine print that says you must get an RMA from Tasharina Corp., HOWEVER... THERE IS NO CONTACT INFO. When you finally get to the "about us" tab there is an email address. REMEMBER: YOU ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS AND IT TOOK 26 DAYS TO GET THE GARBAGE!

EVEN BETTER: In order to return you MUST send with original packaging, (which is a white garbage bag) with RMA #... and YOU MUST PAY SHIPPING AND INSURANCE!


This person wrote the review because of not as described at Walmart. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Walmart to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following company: Target. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Walmart night vision binoculars for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


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I just purchased a top from Tasharina via Walmart.ca.NOT the size as per their size chart.

Terrible quality.

I am furious!!!I will never shop from Walmart online again if this is the type of 3rd party supplier they endorse on their website.


Yep worst company ever and yet walmart is so greedy they keep selling from this seller...online listed as junk collector been trying for a month to get a refund


Sure enough.WalMart rejected my post.

There wasn't a single review on any of Tasharina Corp. product as they were all blocked.Below is the reply from Walmart.==================================Your review has been rejectedYahoo/Inboxno-reply@walmart.caMar 17 at 5:31 PMWe weren’t able to publish your review to the website... —Hello bsol,Thanks for writing a review about Unique Bargains Unique Bargains 0.5mm Nozzle Gravity Feed Paint Spray Gun Air Tools F-2. This review falls outside of our content guidelines and won’t be posted, but we hope you’ll submit another review.Your review cannot be approved because it:mentions customer-service issuesWant to try again?

Click the 'Submit something new' link below, and feel free to refer to the handing writing tips or the Terms & Conditions included on the review submission form.Submit something newThanks again,Walmart Canadaall nuts and screws are jammed supply by TasharinaCannot take the spray gun apart for cleaning which means i can only use it once. I regret I didn't read the review on WalMart third party vendor return policy and search their user reviews (all extremely poor). No information on the website on how to contact the supplier (Tasharina Corp) either.

Walmart also has some responsibility in terms of letting their third party omitting crucial information on their website.I am not sure if I can get an exchange or refund but the reviews on internet do not look promising.


I bought a spray gun and all the screws and nuts are jammed.Tried to look up the Tasharina Corp's email but nowhere to be found.

I read so many comments and know my chance of getting a refund or exchange is slim.I just posted a product review on Walmart site but it is not publised (yet).

I thought if the product and service of Tasharina Corp is that bad, there has to be some comments but most reviews has no comment.I guess Walmart is helping their supplier to block all the bad comments !!!


noooooo, why didnt i read this sooonnnneeeerr before i placed my order :’( i know it was a bit shady !! its almost a month since i placed my order and i still dont have it :((((

to faye #1448653

its funny..i places a order on jan 31'st ..

item didnt come .. called walmart Feb 21st .. asked why i havent gotten My product and they said ( lost in the mail ) ..

so a refund was issued 3-7 busniess days its now March 20th ..and i still have no refund on items that wernt Mailed to me


Walmart, Amazon, and other online retailers should better mark products that are not sold by them directly and instead is being sold by a third party. They also shouldn't allow third party sites without contact information and shady practices from doing business on their site.


I am in total agreement that Tasharina Corp.is probably the worst company I have had the dis-pleasure to deal with when buying online!!!!

I mediuum dressy top I purchased in a "Medium" could not go around my rib cage. This would be fine, but I am normally a small - medium size.

Again, no return information or possibility.

I, too, recommend not to order online from Walmart if it is not a name brand you know and trust!

(especially if you can see it's Tasharina!!!

to Anonymous #1438022

Did you get their contact info? I just received my 4 chair covers and I ordered 4 black and they sent 1 black and 3 brown!

to Anonymous #1439074

I agree! I have same experience


I ordered 10 pull-out tape measures from Walmart via Tasharina Corp.When we received them, the inches measured at least 1 1/4 in.

instead of 1 inch. I called Walmart and they said I could return them to the store. When I took them in, I was told I had to return them to Tasharina. They gave me a phone number, which didn't work.

I tried to contact them on the internet to no avail.I don't recommend ordering online from Walmart anymore.


why is Walmart accepting this tasharina crabs to sell items through Walmart online store.I order two items from Walmart and apparently one is from tasharina crabs.

i have received the one sold by Walmart and I'm still waiting for the other one from them.I don't even know the location of this item because is same order number and same tracking number.


We ordered some sort of tool set for my fiancé and instead got a child scooter. Wish we would of read the reviews before hand. Never again.


I ordered an item from Tasharina Corp, thru the Walmart website, on 12/10/17.Right away I received a notice that it had shipped, and the next day, my credit card was charged.

17 days later, and order status shows that the Post Office is still waiting for this order. Walmart finally recognized there was a problem after I contacted them twice, and gave me a refund.

They were unable to contact Tasharina either.

I would urge everyone to complain to Walmart regarding Tasharina.They are only able to continue operating in a shoddy fashion because Walmart allows them to.


Tasharina Corp stay away still waiting for my September 2017 order it is now December 2017


Million thanks..I would have almost ordered..Guys u saved me..Walmart should be ashamed to deal with these companies


I *** placed my order before reading this.Big regret afterward.

*** *** Walmart and this *** manufacture.People, stay away.

to regret on #1407989

I'm searching for info on this company because I too haven't received my parcel and it's been weeks!Like seriously??!

Now I'm reading all these comments and am pissed that I didn't look closer into this when I thought it would be safe to order from Wal-Mart.{{Redacted}}!


Thank you guys for your reviews.I was about to purchase something from the Walmart site but checked if the 3rd party vendor had it for a better price.

Then I saw the link to this site and WOW!!!

what an eye opener!!!Won't be shopping at 3rd party.


Same also so frustrated

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