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Not only did it take 26 days to receive, the "night vision binoculars" were cheap cheezy with a little flashlight! No night vision capability AT ALL. Then I received the ladies black shirt.... it is the crapiest, see-through, wouldn't even use it to wipe bird *** off of my windshield garbage I have ever touched.

Return: HAAAA!!!! NOPE! These bastards have this so locked down. When you think you are ordering from Walmart with the typical, return to store or send back you get a BIG SURPRISE. Firstly you have to find the "return" policy on THOSE ITEMS on your receipt. Then you have to read some fine print that says you must get an RMA from Tasharina Corp., HOWEVER... THERE IS NO CONTACT INFO. When you finally get to the "about us" tab there is an email address. REMEMBER: YOU ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS AND IT TOOK 26 DAYS TO GET THE GARBAGE!

EVEN BETTER: In order to return you MUST send with original packaging, (which is a white garbage bag) with RMA #... and YOU MUST PAY SHIPPING AND INSURANCE!


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Same thing I'm going thru it say I got But Don't an no way of contacting seller

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1349128

I just ordered a red rug for my bathroom and it is suppose to be a bath rug and it is the size of a 11 x 14 picture frame. How do I exchange it? If it is not shipped from Walmart NoNoNo!

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1351820

File a dispute with your credit card company and get your money back!


I'm so glad that I saw this warning.I was about to buy a comforter set (it's flippin adorable in the pictures), and I saw that it was "Sold by Tasharina Corp." My frugal self googled them and saw that I could buy their stuff on other sites...

and this page was the 3rd link on Google!

If I hadn't gone looking for a cheaper website to buy the comforter, I would've spent $80 on a crappy comforter and would have been furious.Thanks so much for everyone's warnings!!!

to anonymous #1364492

Lol for some reason I think we were looking at the same comforter cause that exactly What I did


Tasharina Corp is owned by Dragonmart which is a major player in various types of product counterfeiting from China. They also operate under Uxcell on Amazon. They claim to manufacture their products but they just drop ship.


Sounds similar to what I'm going through with Fashion Talent Limited Co.

Ordered a security recording system from Walmart.It came in a plastic bag.

No manufacturer/ brand name. Instructions are 2 paragraphs. There's a phone number with an answering machine message. Emailing to send back for refund...

which payment was made to Walmart.

This company has a D rating from the Better Business Bureau.I feel like I've been caught up in a back alley deal!!

Walmart calls this a third party vendor.

to Donna Motes #1347830

Just file a charge back with your credit card company.Most cards include a basic 30 to 90 product defect coverage.

They will be a lot easier to work with then Walmart.Generally they will just accept a written statement and don't need any pictures, unless its very expensive.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #1345884

Ordered a facial massage device that is supposed to vibrate.The website stated that it requires a AA battery, but a AA battery does not fit the device.

(The instructions that were in the box are in Chinese.) It is supposed to be a high frequency vibration device, but I don't think it is constructed to do any such thing.

There was no packing slip and no information for returning the defective and useless product.What a waste of money!


I wish I saw this review before making my purchase.The only reason I ordered from them was because the local store customer service assured me that third party vendor items sold on Walmart.com could be returned to the store.

Wrong. 10 days after the order, I received a fake tracking number with no information on it at all. I call Walmart's 800 number and they can't help me. They give me the phone number for Tasharina Corp ((559) 426-5562.

It's a basic answering machine service, as though this company is run out of someone's house. And Walmart assured me they had a 24 hour return phone-call policy. Wrong Again. This company intentionally withholds your item so that it arrives just before or after the end of the return policy (which isn't specified anywhere online or the receipt).

I have filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission.If others do this as well, the faster these people will be banned from free market trade.

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