Not only did it take 26 days to receive, the "night vision binoculars" were cheap cheezy with a little flashlight! No night vision capability AT ALL. Then I received the ladies black shirt.... it is the crapiest, see-through, wouldn't even use it to wipe bird *** off of my windshield garbage I have ever touched.

Return: HAAAA!!!! NOPE! These bastards have this so locked down. When you think you are ordering from Walmart with the typical, return to store or send back you get a BIG SURPRISE. Firstly you have to find the "return" policy on THOSE ITEMS on your receipt. Then you have to read some fine print that says you must get an RMA from Tasharina Corp., HOWEVER... THERE IS NO CONTACT INFO. When you finally get to the "about us" tab there is an email address. REMEMBER: YOU ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS AND IT TOOK 26 DAYS TO GET THE GARBAGE!

EVEN BETTER: In order to return you MUST send with original packaging, (which is a white garbage bag) with RMA #... and YOU MUST PAY SHIPPING AND INSURANCE!


Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Milford, Pennsylvania

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Take this down


Agreed. Always hated wal*mart!

Like my neighbor would always say.

Wal*mart is for low class shoppers! Always avoid walleyworld like the plague myself.


Take this down


a woman can walk in Walmart with pants and a shirt only covering her breasts and they say nothing. a man has no shirt on and they want him to leave store but others can be in there without a shirt.

even 12 year old boys and no shoes but that's ok well then it should ok for me to. no shoes no shirt should be either for everybody or nobody


Ms Jeter if Walmart Grocery is prejudiced against white employees.


Take this down


me kevin radson went without a shirt in walmart


I have seen ladies in Wal-Mart who weren't wearing any drawers.


u got it. I is Bridgette dover from Dayton, texas and the damn *** with these lazy managers of Walmart.

customer is always right. and dey better leave michelle alone


No. The customer is not always right.

The employees and managers deserve the same respect! Everybody needs to treat everybody with respect. You sound like your blowing things out of your mouth. And btw, we all know that you're using her as a excuse.

There are people claiminig you're the same person. Wouldn't surprise me!


You're the same person aren't you?


This place sell cheap crap. I ordered a portable bbq.

The spot welds came broken.

Why is Walmart selling junk. When I got it unpacked it was really bent out of shape what a brunch of crap


They're selling what the PEOPLE WANT and are willing to pay for. If the people let WM or any other company know they're willing to pay more for domestic quality, then that's what they would sell.


I agree...Buy from America, locally or another country you know rep...


This is why there are still brick and mortar stores. You can actually see and touch the items you are purchasing rather than relying on a picture and description. You can also take the item home with you that day.


Oh wow! How horrible, sounds like a horrible corporation!


.T.A.K.E. .C.A.R.E.

.W.I.T.H. .Y.O.U.R. .G.I.F.T. .C.A.R.D.

: .I.T. .C.O.U.L.D. .B.E. .T.H.E.


.O.F. .S.C.A.M.


I got Gyped one time, I got Gyped two times, I got Gyped THREE times, Im NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN!


I agree, but it is probably under poor management. I thought once that W-Mart was ok until they treaded us like 2 common criminals as we left their stupid store>> How dare them re-scan our item that we had previously bought and paid for at their cash register.

HOWEVER, as we left the store they treaded us as if WE HAD STOLEN SOMETHING! I have never stolen anything in my entire life, so I do NOT APPRECIATE their lowlife door-maid harassing us as we left the store. WE are also senior citizens and life is hard enough without being harassed by some simpleton door-maid! The management in this store which is located on FOOTHILL or PARLEY"S WAY IN SLC.

UT, Needs to be fired!

PLEASE UPGRADE YOUR MANAGEMENT IN THIS STORE , as you have BRAINLESS FOOLS WORKING THERE! We have spent thousands of dollars in this store BUT are thinking NO MORE!!!!!!!


sorry sorry sorry *** store about like that one in liberty. texas. lazy and wont do shi t.

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