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Not only did it take 26 days to receive, the "night vision binoculars" were cheap cheezy with a little flashlight! No night vision capability AT ALL. Then I received the ladies black shirt.... it is the crapiest, see-through, wouldn't even use it to wipe bird *** off of my windshield garbage I have ever touched.

Return: HAAAA!!!! NOPE! These bastards have this so locked down. When you think you are ordering from Walmart with the typical, return to store or send back you get a BIG SURPRISE. Firstly you have to find the "return" policy on THOSE ITEMS on your receipt. Then you have to read some fine print that says you must get an RMA from Tasharina Corp., HOWEVER... THERE IS NO CONTACT INFO. When you finally get to the "about us" tab there is an email address. REMEMBER: YOU ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS AND IT TOOK 26 DAYS TO GET THE GARBAGE!

EVEN BETTER: In order to return you MUST send with original packaging, (which is a white garbage bag) with RMA #... and YOU MUST PAY SHIPPING AND INSURANCE!


Reason of review: Not as described.

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I wish walmart and Amazon had an option to choose products from North america...or at least anywhere other than Asia.


I agree,.. fukn Walmart.

I'd like to find the e-commerce rules and regulations because Walmart always third party vendors to rip people off.

Walmart uses this tactic and then the third party seller and Walmart blame each other and then there's no refund. Why does Walmart let these third party sellers use their Walmarts online website and not have all the information needed to directly communicate with the third party seller?


I didn't read the customer review before I made my purchase. I will NEVER, EVER order from this place again.

The return fees are ridiculous! I'm going to keep the items because the refund is just not worth it.


Was just about to order my sound control matting for my truck through them i fixing to put my c/c# in nahh i dont think so. Ill be finding somewhere else to go.


Just placed my order before I saw this. If my order takes 26 days, I will be mad!!


I also had a bad experience with Tasharina. I was sent a broken kitchen timer but the return policy is a joke. That's a $10 lesson that I will use to advise my friends to not use Walmart "Marketplace" vendors.




I've also received a pr of ladies wide leg xlarge, omg they wouldn't fit my 9 yr old granddaughter, now to see what happens when I return them, also I've ordered in the same order a lemon chiffon dress xlarge,now it's no where on my list of orders that I paid for, there was a pic of it in my email but now it's gone aaarrrggghhh


I have not bought from these folks who are located in Florence, KY, If you can believe the internet but if someone posts a 10-14 day delivery time on all their products they are no one to do business why.


I have the same *** Walmart is {{redacted}}....


I have a similar problem with the Tasharina Corporation. They say they will respond within 24 hours.

I have been trying to get a response for more than two weeks without success.

I have an item that was ordered in error and tried to stop the order all the time until it landed in my mailbox. Never order from this company again.


Just going through the same BS with Walmart. After what seemed like an eternity, they tell me I have to deal with Tasharina Corp.

I returned the item to Walmart right after I received it because it was defective so all I have is a lousy receipt, no item and no money. Walmart needs to take ownership for this but I guess Sam needs the money more than I do.


They sell a motorcycle license plate bracket, the bracket is specifically made for MC , the only problem, it doesn't fit. How do you sell a product for a motorcycles that doesn't fit.

Why don't these morons look at what the F&&k they are selling, get the correct measurements and make the brackets with the correct specifications. Waste of time and money.


I haven't gone through all the comments and I really don't see the need. I do have a couple of questions: What is Walmart doing about this?

Has anyone had contact with them?

I mean this is under the Walmart name and they have on the slippery slope for a while, but man! Hope you all get some satisfaction soon and thanks for taking the time to put it out here.


Thanks everyone! I was about to order. Not!


I will never shop at Walmart Again!!!!!!!!! What jerks for doing this to their customers!!


I just order a telephone from Tasharina Corp on 6th June 18, no update on tracking since then,tracking no created by TC but nothing further,up till now just a reply from TC that your order will reach you soon and as per canada post, item is not received only tracking number is created by the vendor.

to Shocked #1526854

Received my order. Was delayed a bit but did received my order. All ok.


This is my first time ordering from this company. I hope I didn’t make a mistake


Great, still waiting for a couple of items. Was suppose to arrive between May 24, 2018 & June 5, 2018.It's now June 21, 2018 & nothing.

I have emailed them 3 times and I get nothing but excuses and asking me to check with my post office and confirm delivery address.Bunch of thieves!!! That's what they are!!!As for Walmart, they really should check out their partners background before agreeing to carry any of their merchandise.This is bullshit!!I don' have money to waste....

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