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On May 1, 2012 we took our car to Walmart to get an oil change. It was not driven until May 4th when my husband went to work.

On the way, he noticed a trail of oil coming from under the car. He immediately took it back to Walmart. The Walmart employee looked at the car, then said they overfilled it when they did an oil change. He said we needed to take it to a mechanic then file a claim with Walmart.

It cost us $234.00 to fix the part that burst due to the overfill of oil. We filed a claim that day at Walmart, and received a phone call on the 10th. The claims rep said that he will be denying our claim because we could not prove it was them who overfilled the car with oil. Even though I have a receipt from them on the 1st, and our car was working fine when we dropped it off.

Now, oil is leaking and a part is broken two days later. When we tried to question him about this, he told us that he would not be answering any more questions from us. When we asked who else we can talk to, he told us to look it up ourselves on the website. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE service.

Their mechanic admitted to the overfill, but the claim rep said that they can write down anything on the sheet.

We have emailed and called, but nobody is calling us back, big surprise. All we want is our $234 for the part they broke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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I'm interested exactly what one does from a home office for Walmart.


be glad it only costed you alittle over $200 to learn that lesson. id just walk away lesson learned


here's what MrsLea01's comment should have said.

"Walmart tired and lube and the pharmacy are awful and don't do anything free for me. I do not do oil changes because I let my home office husband do everything while I boss him around use his credit card on booze.

nor do I get prescriptions filled at Walmart anymore because my drug dealers steal them for me. Even though my husband works at the home office as a janitor, my threats of firing the employees doesn't seem to be working.

oh well! time for another shot of vodka!"


So you didn't drive your car after the oil change on May 1st? Did you just let it sit in the parking lot until May 4th?


No one cares where your "husband" works MrsLea.


Walmart tire and lube and the pharmacy are awful. I do not do oil changes, nor do I get prescriptions filled at Walmart period anymore. Even though my husband works at the home office.

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