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About a week ago, my friend and I went into Walmart to check out house decor. We are both remodeling our houses, so we wanted new bedding, bathroom theme and what not... The Walmart in Fairfield, Iowa (small town) now closes at 10 pm, which was fine and it was only 9:45. We dicided to only get the necessities and come back tomorrow. I had an item i purchased (lamp) that didnt work so i asked walked up to the customer service desk.

The lady working (Brenda i believe) said to me "I hope your not trying to return something because the service desk is closed and I already counted down all the drawers and I'm not doing it again".

I was appalled, i looked up at the clock and asked what time the customer service desks closes, and she replied 10, but i looked at the clock and it said 9:49. She stated that the hours changed from closing at 11 pm to 10 pm. I replied that it wasn't 10 yet and the manager on duty told me that she can close down the registers in customer service when ever the "***" she wants.

I went out the the car and my friend came out after getting her items. She said that the lady at the register (same lady) told her not to come in after 9:30 because shes not staying late for some people like us. How rude is that? The receipt said 9:57 pm, not even 10 yet. They have lost our business.

I called to talk to the manager and the same lady answered and asked what the problem was. I didn't recognize her voice and she said that she was the one that i was talking about and told me not to even bother telling her boss cause it wouldn't do any good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Yeah I've had the same problems with the customer service. They are all stu k up snotty ***.

A few are okay but there is one named Karen brown. She is such a *** to her fellows workers and customers. They need to fire all those *** that act like its such a problem to do their job. I wish I didn't work there but trying to get a different job.

I try to be nice and go above and beyond. Sorry you had to deal with such a ***


I know it is my fault for shopping at walmart, but I don't feel like driving an hour to a big town to shop. There is no place close by if you need something in a hurry.

My complaint is also with customer service. The employees don't care. If You ask someone in the store for help I have been told it is not my department. I had one boy walk away like he was helping me and never came back so I tried to figure it out myself. When he did come back he had the gull to say "your still here".

The whole store was like on zombie pills or something. One manager kept saying I would like to get out of here sometime. I told her imagin how I feel standing here for a good hour. Plus I don't get paid for it!

The other day I went to the customer service desk to ask about exchanging something and the girl was snotty with me. I asked to speak to a manager and the manager said it was ok this one time to exchange it. I have talked to the district manager and she says she will check into it...LOL! Like that will happen!

Tonight I went in and they double charged me on my credit card. I wanted it credited so they had to call every manager in the store because they were all new and no one was sure if they did it right. OMGosh what a mess. After an hour of them all standing around trying to figure it out I asked for a copy of the transaction to contact the credit card company. That was another 20 minutes for them to do that.

On another occasion I was in the washroom and an employee was in there. She came out of the stall, walked right past me while I was drying my hands and never washed hers. I went to the service desk and told the manager. I walked around the store till I found her to get her name. Get this, she worked in the health and beauty department. The manager said she would talk to her about it. She is still there. Go figure.

I have worked customer service and retail my whole adult life, a long time, and we were never allowed to act the way people do today that work with customers. We were reprimanded if the customer made a complaint.

They laid off all experienced employees on Christmas day and keep hiring new ones with no experience to save money. What happened to keeping the customers happy? It is all about corporate greed.


Your fault for shopping there. I find myself shopping there from time to time but read the stories at how bad they treat their employees.

What do you expect? I know I would have the same attitude if I worked there. Only job available in some parts. WalMart has destroyed our communities.

It is consumers such as us that led to this. Save a dollar and send all our good paying jobs to China and now we have to work at WalMart for less than $8 per hour because they are the only business left in town. They have even gone as far as to put our groceries out of business.

In addition, don't go to the WalMart in Mariana, Florida.

Went early one morning and it was sad how much you could see the cashier hated her job.

I was surprised she didn't pull out a gun and shoot herself in front of me. I am sorry for being so cruel but that is how bad she made me feel.